Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why are a few teeth such a problem?!?!


Oh man. Anne has 6 teeth, and has once again been drooling like crazy for A FREAKING ETERNITY, and yet, she still has just 6 teeth. And last night, she did this thing that she does when she's teething: she wouldn't go back to sleep. So our night looks like this:

7:30 pm - Anne goes to bed

7:45 pm - Anne falls asleep

8 pm - Catholic Librarian, hubby, and Henry play Clue

8:15 pm - Henry goes to bed

8:30 pm - Catholic Librarian and hubby happily watch part of Pride & Prejudice

10 pm - Happy couple goes to bed

10:10 pm - Anne awakes

10:15 pm - Nurse Anne in bed

10:30 pm - Put Anne back in crib

10:31 pm - Anne sobs

10:40 pm - Re-nurse Anne in bed

11 pm - Put Anne back in crib

11:05 pm - Anne sobs

11:15 pm - Rock Anne in rocker

11:30 pm - Anne falls asleep. Place Anne in crib.

11:35 pm - Anne sobs

11:45 pm - Bring Anne into our bed. It's evident that she has no interest in nursing

12 am - Anne attempts to crawl around our bed, wide awake

12:05 am - Re-attempt a nurse and rock session.

12:30 am - Anne falls asleep. Place Anne in crib.

12:35 am - Anne sobs.

You get the picture. By time she finally fell asleep, it was 1 am, and I was beside myself. I think I cried as much as she did. She's nearly 11 months old; I just want to sleep normally again.

Granted, most nights aren't that bad. That was a Top 5 Worst Nights Ever performance. This morning, I was so tired, that when I was getting ready in the bathroom for work, I didn't notice what Anne was doing until she actually took a bite out of a bar of soap.

Mother of the Year award, coming my way...


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