Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feast of All Saints

November is my favorite Catholic month of the year. It's the month that marks my adult "reversion" back to the faith, it contains the feast day for my confirmation saint, St. Cecelia, it marks the beginning of my beloved liturgical year in Advent, and I treasure the focus on our departed loved ones in the celebrations of all saints and all souls.

I went to Mass this morning at my parish's regular 8 am Mass. There is nothing better than starting the day off with Mass. And before the liturgy began, I was sitting in my pew watching everyone. I do that a lot. I think it's because I'm an introvert.

I watched the man acting as altar server pick up the large crucifix used in the opening procession to bring to the back of the church. I watched people come in and dip their fingers into the holy water font to cross themselves. I watched everyone get comfortable in a pew and peruse the bulletin. I listened to the organist practice playing the new Gloria, that we used in our parish for the first time this past Sunday. And it just made me so happy to be a Catholic, and to belong to this body of believers.

Our parish has a "book of remembrance" up for the whole month of November where we can all write in the names of our deceased friends and family, so that we can pray for them. Hank and I can do that this Sunday coming up. And I'm starting to mentally prepare for the time coming up very shortly where the only Mass I've ever known will undergo some changes. Post to come up on that soon. :)

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