Friday, November 4, 2011

Anne at nearly 6 months

In my inebriated joy at having slept another good night, I thought I'd give Anne her very own post. :)

She and Mike are thriving at home together these days. I always trusted and felt good about our daycare, but I have to admit it is extra nice to know that she's at home with her daddy all day.

She's very vocal these days. She likes to recite a single sound for a long spell and appears quite proud of herself. This is apparently part of early language development. My dad read that early on babies can so easily pick up multiple languages, so I hear him coaching her in Mohawk from time to time. :)

"Sekoh. Oh niiawenhátie?"

And she's *mobile*. She hasn't figured out crawling quite yet, but she can scoot forward with both knees, and she somehow moves backwards quite rapidly.

I've also tried solids again, and this time she seems more into them. She always liked her rice cereal, but then she lost interest, so I did too. The other day I gave her some squash, and after an initial shudder of revulsion, she gobbled it down.

She has a very sweet, mellow personality, and really enjoys her brother. We're enjoying her very much, and I'm super excited about our first Christmas with both kids.

Now, if only I could get all of the gifts knit that I'd like to. I think I overextended myself. I actually have a knitting quota for each day. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

I just found a pattern for a knitted nativity set.


I *need* to make this. But unless there is divine knitting intervention, it's not going to get done this year. *scowl* The pattern book, however, now finds itself on my Amazon wish list.


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