Monday, November 7, 2011

"Honey, how come 'Mike Sweater' on your knitting list has a line through it?"

So, my holiday knitting is in full out panic mode. I'm knitting feverishly every evening, every work day during lunch, and I'm trying to sneak in a few mitten rounds in the mornings. I'm making good progress on my list but I still have a ways to go. And I'm *dying* to start on a new scarf and hat for myself, but unfortunately, that's not going to happen until after Christmas. *projects martyr vibe*

As well, I've had to come to terms with the fact that some of what is on my Christmas 2011 knitting gift list will have to be transferred to a birthday gifts for 2012 (ok, some probably 2013) gift list.

And even though I have enough yarn to occupy me through a decade-long nuclear holocaust in which I do nothing by furrow my brow and knit, I still manage to procure more whenever there is a sale. Or a new kit at Knit Picks.

This past weekend, I received an email from JoAnn's that they were having a 25% off "friends & family" sale, good on everything in the store, even sale items. There is a new crochet- along on Lion Brand's web site that I really wanted to participate in, and it required 2 balls of a new Martha Stewart yarn that I feel is way overpriced. But it was on sale last week. With the additional 25% off coupon, I was totally on it.

There is no greater feeling than pulling up to the craft store with really good coupons in hand and with no children in tow. I made a beeline for the yarn department and loaded up my little shopping basket (I purposely avoided getting a cart; don't want to get too carried away). At just over $4 a ball, I figured I'd splurge and get a selection of colors in the wool blend yarn I wanted for the purse. They are *pretty*. And so very soft. I know I won't pay full price for the yarn, so I figured I'd take advantage of the double discount. I also used the coupon on one of my very favorite craft store yarns of all time, Lion Brand Cotton Ease. It's just a really nice cotton/acrylic blend that has a springy, fresh feeling to it, and the colors are really rich and gorgeous. Then I had to flag down a JoAnn's lady to point the way to where I could find wooden purse handles (the purse pieces section? That one seemed like a toughie to me) and I headed for the register before I could I could do anymore damage.

And in the end, for 11 balls of yarn plus the purse handles, I spent only $55. I saved over $30. Super thrilled over here! So I'll have a nice supply to feed my 2012 projects.

Because, you know, I'd starve without yarn.

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