Friday, November 11, 2011

I wish they just came with teeth

Experience has taught me that in baby land, one night has nothing to do with another. You can have a miserable couple of weeks, and then BAM! She sleeps for 9 hours. You just never know.

I will say though that misery tends to slowly creep up on you, sort of like a fungus. One night she sleeps for 8 hours (glory!), the next 6 (very good!), the next 5 (fine), the next 3 (what the heck?), the next 2 (*?!@#)

And so this is what we've been going through. Anne is both teething and stuffy from a cold. This is what is known as a deadly combination. Last night she was up so many times I actually lost count. I knew why, so I didn't despair. But very much not fun all the same.

And I have a marathon dance practice session tonight, and my hafla tomorrow night. I don't like to worry about her getting up when I'm not there, but what can I do?

I've been practicing like crazy, and I'm very nervous, especially given that my new costume is showing signs of "downward migration" when I dance. My mother-in-law is going to sew some sticky stuff into the top of the skirt for me Saturday morning. Still nervous.

*bites nails*

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