Friday, September 16, 2011


Anne SLEPT LAST NIGHT. As in, *real* sleep. And *I* slept. I am practically on my knees in gratitude.

I put her down around 7 pm or so, and stayed with her patting her as she fussed until about 7:15. That was about half the fussing time of the night before. She then slept until 9:30, just as I was about to doze off (of course). This has become a common wake up time for her, and being only 2.5 hours after she last ate, I really want to break her of it.

I went into the nursery with my patting hand all ready to go. Within 1 minute of the patting action, she was asleep again. I gratefully went back to bed.

A1 12:30 I heard her crying, so I went right in and nursed her. Already, I could tell that things were going better this night. She nursed and I tried to burb her to no avail. When I put her down, she was fast asleep and I worried that she'd wake herself back up shortly thereafter with the burb. Next thing I knew, it was 6 am, and she was just waking up for the morning.


It was like, one of the greatest nights of sleep of my whole life. I'm basking in happiness.

Of course, I'm still tired. But that's just because of the cumulative effect.

I'm just very thrilled right now.

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