Thursday, September 1, 2011

Days and nights still long, but hanging in there

I've decided not to dwell on the sleep thing, since it's still just so, so hard. I was tired before I even left the house this morning; not a good sign. I just keep praying that it will get better. Because otherwise, I may die. *yawns*

I've gotten a bit of a good morning routine going with both kids, but unfortunately, that will all change come Tuesday when Hank has to be at school by 7:45 am. I'll figure something new out, I suppose. Although the routine was thrown off a tad this morning by Anne's epic poo explosion. It was so bad, that I actually threw her Onesie into the garbage rather than face washing it. That's *really* bad.

Anyway, as a stress reliever, I've been knitting. And buying yarn. Because, I need it. :) For Christmas gifts, you see. And a few things for myself, I admit.

All of the yarn that I ordered from Knit Picks last week is for gifts, save for 2 small hanks of a lace weight yarn for myself. It arrived yesterday, and I was super excited. Henry wanted to open the box, but I put him off. I don't get to savor much these days (meals entail Mike and I briskly eating our food as we await the inevitable unhappy wail coming from Anne's bouncey seat) and I wanted to savor this. Because, you know, it's totally normal to savor yarn.

When the kids were both asleep, I finally got out the scissors and opened the box carefully. 3 gifts yarns, and the lace weight for me. When I saw them on the web site, each asked to come home with me, and how could I say no? It was only charitable to give these yarns a happy home. :) I stroked each lovingly and held them to my cheek. I held them each in my lap for a time. Mike looked at me in amusement from his perch beside me on the couch drinking beer, so I made him touch them too, such that he understood the allure. I'm already envisioning the gifts I'm going to make out of each of them and the intended recipient, and I feel all warm and happy inside. I love knitting.

When I'm up with Anne in the night, I try not to worry about things, since worrying about things in the middle of the night always makes surmountable issues seem catastrophic, no? So, I try to keep my thoughts light. Thus, I think about yarn a lot. What I'd like to make for gifts, and what type of yarn would be best. I mean, I think about yarn A LOT, since I'm up so much these days in the night.

This is what it must be like to be a cat.

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