Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Waiting for inspiration...

I haven't blogged about dance in awhile, so I thought I'd tackle that today. :)

I've been back to belly dance since 6 weeks post partum. It felt wonderful to dance while pregnant, and it feels even better to dance post partum! I think because I appreciate my "regular" body so much more now that the aches of late pregnancy are still so fresh in my mind. When I was pregnant, whenever we did a hip twist, I could actually *feel* a sloshing sensation. It was...weird. :) Now, whenever we do them, I think of that and smile. Dance made me feel beautiful and feminine while heavily pregnant, and for that I am so grateful.

Now, I feel back to my old self and I've moved back into the routines pretty seamlessly. We have a hafla coming up in November, and if I want to do a solo (and I do) I need to get my butt in gear with a choreography. I've toyed with several pieces of music, but nothing has stuck. I'm waiting to feel inspired. If anyone has some good Middle Eastern music to recommend, have at it. :)

I usually do a drum number, because I like that type of music so much, and I'm comfortable with it. I have several albums of pure drum music to choose from. And I may. But I was sort of feeling like perhaps I should branch out more this time and select a different type of song. I don't know. All week I've been listening to my belly dance playlists hoping for inspiration, so we'll see.

I was hoping to get a new costume this year, but so far I just haven't wanted to spend the money. As you can imagine, heavily beaded dance costumes are *expensive*. And I already have a costume that I really like. Granted, it's one of our group costumes, but last year I used it for my solo and that went well. Everyone chose whatever style they wanted in the same color, so my costume is actually different than everyone else in the group anyway.

So, I'll be armed in my green costume and hoping for some good music to come my way. Then I just need to choreograph, and hopefully Anne will sleep good for me in the evenings so that I can do that...

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