Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer crafts

Well, I'm still sweating, but the end is in sight, so my spirits are higher. We do have window a/c units in the bedroom, so we turn them on right after dinner, and then go upstairs into our "oasis" for the rest of the night. Hank reads his Berenstein Bears books, and Mike and I have a drink and bounce Anne.

Speaking of Anne, her sleep has gotten a lot more regularized. God bless 8 weeks of age. That's really a turning point for sleep issues, has been for my babies at least. Now granted, this does not mean that they start miraculously sleeping through the night or anything. It just means that things seem more manageable to me at this point. Anne actually falls asleep now anywhere between 7:30 and 9 (usually more between 8 and 8:30) and then will sleep 5 or 6 hours. This is like nirvana to me. She'll wake to nurse, and then sleep for about a 3 hour stretch. At this point, we start to get into a gassy/fussy place, but hey. That's a great night for a 9 week old. I'll take it!

Anyway, I figured I'd post on happier topics since I was so cranky on Wednesday. I've been knitting when I can, despite the heat. It brings me a lot of solace. I'll have to post pictures of everything soon; I just haven't had time to hook my camera up to the computer. I finished the pot holders I was working on for my mother-in-law, and the socks for my sister. I had a sweater languishing in my closet, so I picked that back up for when I'm in air conditioned situations. It's going really well, actually. I just finished the first sleeve yesterday, so I'm about to start sleeve 2 (unfortunate, they're like socks that way) and then I just have to do the neckline and I'm done. Sleeve 1 took me forever though, so I'm sure this project will take me well into the fall. I've been happy with the pattern. It's a seamless pattern, so the sleeve stitches are placed on a stitch holder back up at the top of the body, and then you pick them up afterwards to knit them. This is my very first sweater, and I'm anxious about how it will look. It's for me, so if it looks ridiculous, I won't have to worry about guilting some poor relative into wearing it.

I'm actually already composing my Christmas crafting gift list (yes, I'm crazy). I want to get an early start, because I know it'll take me forever.

Oh, how I long for sweet fall, with it's cool, crisp days and lack of sweating. We'll get there.

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