Monday, July 11, 2011

Anne at 7 weeks old

My precious Anne is nearly 8 weeks old, and I haven't posted any new pictures in a while, so I thought I'd oblige. :) She's extremely cute, and really getting big. She smiles a lot now, and tracks things with her eyes. She's also sleeping better overall (even the bad nights these days are better than when she was first born) and really showing signs of some early maturity. It's all very exciting.

I was at dance class on Friday night, and remembering how long I danced with her in my belly! Gosh, it feels so much better now. :) But still, I loved dancing while pregnant. I think it's a wonderful testament to the feminine form.

At any rate, she's here beside me, and fussing, so I'd better run. It's hot here today, boo. So we're gearing up to keep cool this afternoon. With no central a/c, the days where it gets into the very high 80's around here, with high humidity, are very uncomfortable. We don't even have any window units in our downstairs. The way our house is laid out, it's too open for a window unit to successfully cool anything. We have them in our bedrooms, and Mike calls it our "oasis" since on days like these we'll go up there at like 7 pm to chat and watch tv in the coolness. We're also having our very first "date night" since Anne was born, and going out to dinner with another couple while my in-laws watch the kids. Adult conversation - it's a novelty these days. :) We're both excited.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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