Thursday, July 28, 2011

The joy of yarn

The other day, I went with my mother-in-law to a specialty gift shop that is about 30 minutes south of where we each live. Just a few doors down from aforementioned gift shop was a yarn store. Given that the men were watching the children, I could not let this golden opportunity pass me by.

You see, I've never actually been *in* a real yarn shop. I visit the chain craft stores frequently, and I have no problem knitting and crocheting with acrylic yarn. It has it's very useful purposes, and it's super affordable. Plus, it can be machine washed and dried.

I've always avoided the local yarn shops because I knew that it would set off a dangerous precedent. You know, like on Say Yes to the Dress when the bride insists that she wants to try on a dress that is 3 times what she can afford to pay, despite the bridal consultant's advice to the contrary, and then she inevitably falls in love with that $10,000 dress and nothing else she can possibly try on in her budget zone can ever compare? (Quote of the week from that show: "I don't know what the big deal is, this one is only *a little* over the budget." It was *a thousand dollars* over her original budget. In whose world is a grand just a little bit of money?)

Anyway, we went to the other store first, then to lunch, then to the yarn shop, since it opened later. I justified this trip with the Christmas list I've already made up of the things that I want to make for family and friends this year. I mean, I'm buying it for *other people*? To keep them warm and feeling loved. I mean, that's so virtuous.

Thank goodness we saved this for last. Because my swollen breasts from not nursing Anne in so long kept me from staying there for the remainder of the day. It was SO MUCH FUN. I did spend $40 *sheepish* but I got yarn for 3 different projects. And this yarn is spectactular. I have a silk/merino wool blend that is just to die for. You just want to roll around naked in it it's so soft. I also have a wonderful ball of 100% wool that I'm using already to create a critter so freaking cute you could just die, and then I'm going to felt him when I'm done. FELTING. I'm so excited! This could open up a whole new world for me. Felted slippers, handbags. On the other hand, it could be a complete and utter disaster. I'll keep you posted, because I'm sure it will be amusing one way or the other.

I decided that I've had enough stockinette stitch and plain scarves. If I never try anything new, I'm never going to improve in my craft. I've tended to be much more adventurous in crochet than in knitting, since knitting is so much newer to me. So, I've got an ambitious Christmas list. And my felted guy is knitting along ok so far. Of course, I haven't actually gotten to the felting part yet.

Anyway, I enjoyed the yarn shop tremendously. I just walked around and stroked things. I may have actually talked to a few of them. It was wonderful.


  1. Merino! I love merino wool. Sigh. I'm allergic to wool and I love merino.

    Felting though... it just about drove me crazy last winter. Everything I made came out wide and short even though I knit it extra long! You will definitely have to give me tips when you figure it out!!!


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