Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Since Saturday, we've been experiencing a heat wave here in Western New York. And for someone who loathes being hot and sweaty, it's been excruciating.

I guess the real problem isn't necessarily the temperature, more so the humidity. We get high humidity around here near the Great Lakes. It doesn't reach 90 degrees that often around here, but we're expecting that tomorrow. Oh joy.

And it's one of those heat waves in which you get through one day, and then check the weather:

"Oh great, tomorrow is going to be *worse*. And the day after that even *worse*. What's that? Ah, the entire 7 day forecast looks like the apocalypse is just around the corner. Fantastic."

It's just painful. And without central air conditioning, our little two story brick house has been like an oven. And what happens when the Catholic Librarian's family gets hot? They get CRANKY.

As I sit on the sofa, feeling like I may burst into flames at any moment, Mike comes in, and I inevitably complain about something. Because, you know, he's somehow responsible for how hot and miserable I feel. And my weather-optimistic husband tries to make me feel better:

"You know Sweetie, it's really not that bad."

Really? We're all covered with a sheen of sweat. My thighs are sticking together. Anne's hair is one big wet brown curl. You can feel yourself sweating in the SHOWER. I can hear that weird bug sound outside.

YUCK. A lot of people around here feel that since we have harsher winters, they shouldn't complain about the summer heat. Well, I like the winters and don't complain about them (usually). Therefore, I feel justified in bitching about the heat all I like.

And for the love of all that is holy, MY SON. His behavior has been *atrocious*. I suppose it could be the new baby. But naturally, I blame the heat. We're all home all day right now, sweating, and it's not pretty. Being home all day with two sweaty and fussy children is a heck of a lot harder than going to work, let me tell you.

We'll get there. But it's been a long ass week. The worst of the heat should abate on Sunday. Thank goodness.

Trying to end on a non-whiny note, I will say that this summer has been a real blessing, heat notwithstanding. I've loved being home with the children, and with Mike. It's been a joy. I go back to work at the end of August, and I know that it will be very emotional for me. It's been a very special and rewarding time for me.

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