Friday, July 8, 2011

Catholic Librarian Children update...

Prior to having Anne, I was curious as to what our dynamic would be like as a family having 2 children instead of just 1. For sure, it's different. And it took awhile for us all to settle in and get used to it. I'd say we're all used to it now.

And they're co-existing pretty well. Henry is so much older, there really aren't any jealousy issues. They have their unique personalities and contributions to the family.

As well, they're both pretty loud right now. :) Henry, for example, is definitely in an inquisitive stage:

"Mommy, where are you going? To do laundry? Can I come with you? Wait for me Mommy, don't go down without me. Why are you putting the clothes in like that, Mommy? Can I help? What's this? Can I dump the detergent in? Why is the water cold, Mommy? How come you're putting those things in that little bag? Is that one of those 'bra things'? Why do girls have to wear those? How come I have breasts too, Mommy? Will milk come from mine too? Why not? How come I have nipples then? Mommy, if a police man is chasing you, what happens if you run away? Is that bad? What happens if they don't catch you? But what happens if they don't? What if you go up into space when the police man is chasing you? It's impossible? What does that mean? But what happens if you do anyway? Mommy, why did you just close your eyes and go like this: 'SIGH'?"

Anne, on the other hand, is just crying a lot right now, and I'm reading that newborn fussiness peaks at 6 weeks, so we're right in the thick of things. She's a loud crier too.

And the thing is, when you're out and about with a newborn baby, people are drawn to you. And I'll be honest. I'm an introvert. I don't like to talk to strangers. Do I know you? Then I'd rather you didn't talk to me. Nor touch my baby.

So, we have this duo going on: fussy baby and strangers looking at me and trying to talk to me. This creates a very sweat-inducing situation for the Catholic Librarian.

*Catholic Librarian waits in line at the craft store*

"OH! *squeal* How old is your baby?!"

*face or hand suddenly in Anne's face, who promptly bursts into tears*

"7 weeks."

"Aw, they're so cute when they're so little. And look at her hair! And..."

*Catholic Librarian silently emits a 'go away' vibe, good intentions notwithstanding*

I can't help it, unsolicited social interactions just make me uncomfortable. I had a grocery store clerk a few weeks ago that was just relentless, and behind me, I could feel the aggravation of the people behind me who were forced to listen to my screaming baby. Inside, I was just desperately wishing that she'd stick my ridiculously vast amount of yogurt to ward off yeast into my bags so that I could speed away with sobbing Anne in tow.

When the baby is quietly sleeping, just don't even look at her, ok? IT MIGHT WAKE HER UP.


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