Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The comfort of knitting

For the past several weeks I've been finding a lot of happy comfort in my knitting. I don't have my hands free a ton these days, it's true, but when I do, I knit. And...*drum roll*... I finished my very first pair of socks. *gold star* I knitted them in a self striping sport weight yarn for my sister Shauna'h. They're not perfect, but I think they're pretty good. "Pretty good" being defined as:

(a) they look like socks

(b) they will fit on feet, but

(c) they don't exactly match (I didn't line the stripes up on both socks), and

(d) they have funky toes

But like I said, they're pretty good, and were made with love. *angelic beam* The toe grafting seems to be the area I need to work on the most. It's my first pair, so I figure I'll learn from them and go on to master socks from here. Or so I hope.

I'm now finishing up a purple scarf for my mom for Christmas (I start Christmas crafting early, otherwise I go crazy in the fall) and some dishcloths that my mother-in-law asked for. I think then I'll move on to finishing up my sweater and more gift socks. I may even attempt a sweater for Mike for Christmas. I'm disturbingly excited.

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