Saturday, July 31, 2010

VBS Wrap up...

So, my week at Vacation Bible School is complete. I'm both happy and sad :) I did enjoy being at the church everyday this week, and I thoroughly loved what Hank got out of it. Aside from the meltdown incident on Monday, he was exemplary for the rest of the week, and he told me that he "had a vewy good time" at VBS. I beamed with pride when he was one of the children in his age group who already knew his Our Father, and when asked at the closing assembly what his favorite part of the week was, he answered "cwafts." My crafty guy!

I ended up making it through as games coordinator, but it isn't a role I would choose again. The kids were SO worked up to be outside, and it was a challenge even getting them rounded up and paying attention. I helped at crafts on Friday, and I found the kids much more sedate and focused in that environment, such that I could enjoy spending one-on-one time with each and actually teach them something. Overall though, I am glad that I volunteered to help, and I know that my help was appreciated. But it was a long week :) I rather need a vacation from my vacation...

Sunday morning at the 10 am Mass, the kids are going to sing one of their songs for the congregation, and we're very much looking forward to that.

It was a nice week off. And it's hard to believe that July is nearly at an end. It's been pretty warm here. Hank has a weather station in his room that features a "weather boy" icon whose clothes indicate how warm or cold it is outside. The other day, I was in there getting Hank's stuff ready, and I happened to glance over.

"WHOA, Weather Boy." *averts gaze*

Apparently, the heat makes Weather Boy strip down to what appears to be a Speedo. I'm hot too, Weather Boy, but let's not lose all sight of our senses.

I have been able to work on my smaller knitting projects, which I'm very excited about. Long post on that coming next week...

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