Friday, July 23, 2010

The benefit of a positive attitude

One final anecdote prior to the weekend. I work on at a university, and each year we receive colored parking tags to hang from our rear view mirrors, designating where we may park. I have a coveted staff tag :)

When I got home from work yesterday, I saw the envelope waiting for me from the university transportation people, and my heartbeat accelerated. Every year I look forward to seeing what color my tag will be. Mike had already opened his, a student tag, which was sky blue.

I ripped my envelope open, and we each took guesses as to what color it would be. Mike guessed yellow, and I guessed red or something in that family of colors. Finally, the big moment:

Me: "Let's see...OH!!!!! OH, OH, OH!!! Oh I LOVE IT!!! It's *PUMPKIN*! I have a pumpkin-colored parking tag!! I love it, love it, love it!!!"

Mike: "It's orange."

Me: "It's beautiful! I love this color. I want to make socks in this color! I'll knit leaves on them!! Oh, it's so homey and cozy. It reminds of me crisp fall nights in front of the fire, beautifully hued leaves crunching on the sidewalk outside, mulled cider on the stove, curling up with my book or knitting..."

Mike: "All this from a parking tag, huh?"

Me: *beams*


  1. My undergrad we had the same color every year, but the shape would change.

    My grad school it's the same; you don't get a new one. They bill you if you don't return it.


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