Friday, July 16, 2010


It's been so hot here lately that I've finally adjusted to it, albeit reluctantly. One of the (many; I can't help it. It's not that I hate summer, but it's my least favorite of the 4 seasons. I'm a freak, I know) things that I dislike about summer is that I don't knit/crochet as much. I just hate sitting with yarn on my lap when I'm already feeling sticky. So, that makes me feel uninspired in the evenings when I usually knit. Lately, Mike and I have been watching The Tudors on DVD (Showtime series) and I haven't been knitting along while watching, like I usually would. Alas.

I am working (slowly) on a few baby projects that aren't big and heavy, so that helps. I'm excited about both, and I'll reveal them when I finish :)

I was at JoAnn's yesterday to pick up a picture frame for a new photograph I bought to put up in my office, and I noticed something right away: the autumn stuff is being dusted off and put out. I mean, autumn is my favorite season, so I don't mind seeing it, but really, it's JULY. I like to enjoy each thing that comes and not think ahead too much. I complained about this last fall too, I think. That the Halloween stuff will be out by early August, and by time Halloween actually comes, you're sick of it. It just waters everything down. And don't even get my started on Christmas. It's totally ridiculous.

So, even though summer isn't my favorite season, I try to enjoy the things about it that I do like. I like being outdoors more, swimming in my parent's pool, having cookouts. We enjoyed fresh green beans from our garden the other night. I like the ease of driving and walking with no snow to contend with. It's all good. As much as I love fall, I don't want to think about it until late August, when the evening air just starts to get the nip in it. You know? Makes it more special that way.

As soon as mid-August hits, I'll probably get started on some fall craft projects. Mittens and socks for Mike, blanket and possibly a hat for Henry. I've got several garments I'm working on for myself, God only knows when those will get done. Maybe next winter :) I also have a new hat in mind for myself, a capelet and wrap. And a plethora of my favorite item to crochet ever: AFGHANS. I do love me a warm afghan.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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