Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting settled in...

I'm fresh from the holiday weekend (which involved being very hot and VERY sweaty, neither of which I'm a big fan of) and all excited to be in my new office :) I was sitting all alert, waiting for the moving crew at precisely 9 am. I didn't have that much stuff, really, but as soon as it was dumped off in the new space, I got right to work.

This how I am. I am, in a word, completely obnoxious about such things. Right away, I rearranged the furniture. No burly men are needed for this transaction, no sir. Nothing short of a couple hundred pounds of steel will stand in my way when I have this much adrenaline going. I got the book case and filing cabinet where I wanted them, and set right to work unpacking boxes. Involved in this process was the inevitable task if me obtaining and labeling file folders that I alphabetize and place neatly in the filing cabinet, never to be touched again. But it makes me feel good, so I do it anyway.

I now have everything unpacked and decorated, and I'm very happy with my new space :) I'm also exhausted. I exerted a lot of energy with that Type A burst this morning. More to come tomorrow...

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