Friday, July 9, 2010

Big belly dance day tomorrow...

Well, tomorrow is what I've been practicing for for months now, the big opening party for my teacher's new studio. I'll be in 2 performance group numbers, my solo, and I also have to work with the rest of the advanced class to "get the social dancing started." I'm a little worried about what this entails, even more so than my solo, if that's at all possible. This will involve improv, and trying to convince random people to get up and dance. *sighs* This does not come naturally to me, and so will make me sweat buckets, but somehow I'll have to figure it out.

I have class tonight, and after that, I'm finally going to be debuting my solo for Mike at home, since the weather has FINALLY cooled down a tad, thanks be to God. I've been avoiding putting my costume on, since I don't want to get it all sweaty. Tonight should be better.

Wish me luck. *sweats* I will provide a full and detailed report on Monday, rest assured :)

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