Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VBS update...

Because I know you're all following along on baited breath :) Today went much better. Essentially, yesterday's game was terrible. The kids all hated it, as did I. Since I finally received the materials for the whole week, I was assured that the games improved from that point forward. Today we had a relay with balloon "lambs," and the kids loved it. Plus, I forced the teenagers to be more helpful, and the Director of Religous Ed. came out to assist me today, whereas I was totally on my own yesterday with the surly volunteers.

Henry, under pain of suspension of television privileges, was on his best behavior. I even glimpsed him during the skits session, cap of cotton balls perched firmly on his blond head, playing the part of a lamb. It was too cute for words. Yesterday, I was ready to give him away to the next random person to happen down the street. It was just one of those days.

Interestingly, I found that I enjoyed being with the slightly older kids more than I thought I would. I plan to teach CCD starting next fall, when Hank will start, and one thing I know for certain is that I won't teach his class. I think it confuses him to have Mommy in the teacher role, since he's so unused to that. He needs his space to learn, and I can do my thing in another classroom. That seems to be the model that works best for him. Originally I was thinking that I'd want to teach the kidnergarteners, but these past 2 days, I've realized that those little ones exhaust me just looking at them. Keeping them just corraled is a full-time job, let alone trying to get them to sit down and pay attention. Perhaps my calling is to teach CCD to slightly older kids. It's been an eye opening experience, for sure.

When I picked Hank up today, he told me that he had a great time at Vacation Bible School. Halo perched right on his cute crew cut...

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