Friday, July 23, 2010

Off to VBS...

Next week I'm going to be on vacation from work, on a "staycation" of sorts. We're not going to Florida this summer like we usually do to visit my in-laws (they came here instead), so I decided to take a week off anyway. Working on an academic schedule, the summers are the best time to take any significant vacation, and let's face it, we all need to get away from work at least once per year.

So I'm off all next week. I will be volunteering at our parish's Vacation Bible School every morning, and I'm both excited and terribly nervous. Not sure how this one will go. It's the first time I've ever volunteered for something like this, *and* it's the first year my parish has ever run a VBS. I definitely won't be blogging as frequently. We do have high speed Internet, but only a single desk top, and I don't end up using it that much. I will post once or twice next week, so stay tuned for a humorous VBS update :)

We're also going to use the afternoons for fun diversions like taking Hank to a local amusement park and going on play dates. I'll be doing lots of cleaning and knitting. It should be very, very pleasant. Until next week!

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