Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Tudors, lots of knitting

Last night, Mike and I watched the second to last episode of season 2 of The Tudors. All I can say it, I'm glad I prepared myself a vodka & tonic before diving into that one. Not an easy viewing. Innocent people being tortured and executed is not my idea of a good time. I know it was over 500 years ago, but I can't help it, it still makes me incredibly angry. All of those people had to suffer because of one maniacal man. And that's the most charitable characterization I'm able to come up with in this particular instance.

I've found it interesting to learn a bit more about the Reformation. In England, even after splitting from the Church, Henry was still very attached to the liturgy and the Eucharist. Traditional Catholics were not on his good side - the derogatory term 'papist' is tossed about left and right - but yet reformers were also apt to be sentenced to death for any belief differing from Henry's in the traditional Mass as well. Rather baffling, but intriguing all the same.

We have episode 10 tonight, the finale, and I'm certain that we will see the demise of Anne Boleyn. I'm going to make another drink.

Other then that, it's been warm here, but we've been surviving. We go up to bed by 9 pm to revel in our window a/c unit. It hasn't been too bad. And I've happily gotten back into my knitting. I've resolved to make no afghans until the fall comes nearer, but I've been able to work on Mike's mittens and the smaller baby projects that are in my queue. My amigurumi bear is taking shape. He now has a head AND a nose! And his body is being formed as we speak. Little cutie. Hopefully, all will go well when I stuff him, embroider his face, and sew him together. I mean, it's imperative for a bear to have a cute face. Otherwise, what kind of life would that be for him?

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