Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Common conversations currently in my work inbox...

*drum roll*

My emphases in paren.

*clears throat for dramatic effect*


Dear Professor (bonus points for this. *unladylike snort*)

I am confused about the assignment to pick a topic. (chances that they were in class last week, PLUS paying attention = pretty low).

You mentioned something about not picking something that is too broad? But I'm not sure what that means? Is this topic OK to use:

The Sun

If this topic is not OK to use, could I meet with you so that you could explain things to me again? (I taught the same lesson 15 times already last week, KILL ME).

Thank you very much for your time! (sweet and polite, indeed. Good souls, it's just that pesky listening and following directions thing).



 It has already been decided that next semester we need short, FAQ videos that we can link students to for these sorts of questions. Because otherwise... we may all lose our minds.

And how are YOU today, dear reader?! Do you have your INSPIRE ready?! That's what's on tap for tomorrow. Already looking forward, and I hope you are too. *heart!*


  1. I don't even have words for this. They should be more than capable of figuring out a topic on their own. But the sun?! Just... no. :0

  2. That's a broad topic but I've had too many similar questions at the reference desk to be too surprised.

    Until you have time to create your own FAQ videos, would links to other libraries videos on YouTube work? On my to do list for tomorrow is to start watching videos for library skills that I can use to point students to. I'd be happy to share my favorites with you. I've done this before but some of my favorites are no longer available so I need to find replacements.

  3. Oh, just wait until the excuses come for missing work/tests and asking for a make up. My husband had a student with a disability that allowed him extra time to work on exams. The student was supposed to contact the resource centre (this was Canada) in advance of the exam so that they could monitor him taking the exam separately. He failed. Instead he contacted my husband and asked if my husband would be willing to give him extra time in class at the time of the exam. Long story short, the resource centre said the student in question knew better and should have been more responsible but left it to Hubby's discretion. My husband is too kind. Given that it was a night course he stayed with the student until 11 pm.

    I have some head desk moments as a TA that I could write about, but I think Hubby's takes the cake. Hubby got home around midnight. Teachers suffer much for their students. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton pray for us!

  4. Hi Melanie!

    Yes, solidarity, sister. *fist bump* We do have a library YouTube channel, and indeed, we have had to create some off-the-cuff videos to suffice for this semester, and we link to them in their course. Oftentimes, they *still* do not pay any attention to them until we include the links directly in our email responses to them.

    So much sighing.

  5. Delta,

    Oh man, your husband must have many teaching war stories to share! Indeed, sometimes I am too nice too, and it makes for long days! Excellent point on St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. We need her intercession!


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