Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Autumn Prayer Journal Curators, volume 4...

It's going to be a quick one today, friends, because it's another crazy day. :-\ But we're being positive and uplifting right?!?!


I'm trying, I'm really trying. :0 Let's have at it for this week!

Inspiration - This week I am inspired by my knitting friends. This is a wonderful, creative, talented group of women that I knit with over lunch several days per week. Their ability to always patiently listen and offer solace and wisdom is just unparalleled in my life. I'm so grateful for them.

Nourish - I had gotten out of the habit of praying a rosary in the car in the mornings, and I've been doing my best to get my spirits back into that devotion. Rather than try and squeeze in a full rosary, I pray a decade. I always feel better afterward.

Spread Joy - This is a tough one this week. :0 This has been a long week in terms of teaching, and I'm not enjoying the lesson plan we're using. I'm hiding that fact as best I can ;-) and endeavoring to always stay patient.

Projects - The socks are finished! *hallelujah chorus strikes up*

Going to start some other holiday projects now, and it feels so good!

Involve - I posted about starting a 54 day rosary novena on the Feast of All Saints this year, and as I mentioned, I put up a page with all of the necessary dates and details here. I'm really looking forward to this, and would love it you would join me!

Reflect - Help me Lord, to always be patient, and to see the opportunities in every situation for me to make somebody happy each day, rather than always assume the worst about why they are approaching me.

End Goals - To see the positive in all the simple and happy things in life that I treasure.

Have an INSPIRE list? Pop it into the comments!


  1. I went on a retreat last weekend so I'm calling this INSPIRE the retreat edition.

    I - The ladies in my small group were great and I enjoyed getting to know them.

    N - The retreat was on the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness and self control). Two things that stood out for me, Joy is not happiness and only God is good. Joy is a deeper feeling and comes from God and we are made good because of Christ in us.

    S - I had several good conversations with one of my roommates.

    P - There was a scavenger hunt that I participated in, finding things around camp and taking pictures with my phone. Also, someone had brought a belly dancing exercise DVD for free time and I participated in that as well.

    I - The fact that I actually went on the retreat. I didn't know anyone. The retreat was organized by a parish about 40 minutes from me. I had heard about it because the speaker, Sarah Hart, is one of my favorite musical artists and it was listed on her website.

    R - Dear Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to go on this retreat and help me to integrate what I learned in my life.

    E - I'd like to look over my notes this week as a way to try and integrate what I learn over the weekend into my life.

  2. Inspiration: Mary and Jake have been inspiring me lately. Their ability to balance taking care of Isabelle, school, work, taking time to be with their friends & each other is amazing to me. They have accepted this responsibility and learned how to manage their time really well.

    Nourish: I prayed the Chaplet of the Sacred Heart on the way to practicum this morning, and it was a very good way to spend my drive. I think I'm going to continue to do that.

    Spread joy: I surprised my dad, Mary & Alex by going home over the weekend, and met them at the homecoming game. It was really nice to spend an extra weekend at home. I know they were all happy that I came home, too.

    Projects: This week, I've been helping the preschool kids draw pictures of the structures they have built out of blocks.

    Involve: Still working my way through Mother Angelica.

    Reflect: Lord, help me to keep you at the center of my day.

    End goals: To take advantage of my break next week to work on my portfolio and to see some friends.

  3. Melanie! I love your retreat edition! And you incorporated belly dance?!


    This makes me so happy! As evidenced by the sheer volume of exclamation points in this comment. :0 Indeed, venturing onto a rereat and into the unknown is a huge victory in the Involve category!

  4. Hi Sam! Aw, I love your list! But a beautiful testament to your sister and Jake! I am so impressed as well with how they have taken on this role that God brought into their lives. Very maturely, and with such grace and wisdom! I'm so pleased that you love your Sacred Heart chaplet, and that you find the creativity angle in the projects you work on with your preschool kids. <3


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