Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Autumn Prayer Journal Curators, volume 3...

Hello my loves, and welcome to our third week of Autumn Prayer Journal Curators! I think it's going well, don't you? I really feel like it's helping me be aware of things during the week in a new and spiritual way. I'm liking it, and I hope those of you who are participating do too. If you haven't participated before, do feel free to jump in anytime! It's not like there's a prerequisite, or that you have to participate every week. It's whatever you would like it to be. *hug*

Let's get started for this week, yes?

Inspiration - This week, I am inspired by my little Anne. She has been SO tired every night from her long days at school. I really feel badly watch her make this transition to full time school, like I should be protecting her from it. :-\ But as saucy as she can be in the mornings, she never complains about going to school. She's going through a lot of changes right now (school, loose teeth, growth spurts), yet she always does what needs to be done. I need to emulate her resilience more.

Nourish - Speaking of Anne, she and I have developed a new habit of praying a decade of the rosary together each night before she goes to bed. We've been consistent at it, and it really lifts my spirits each evening. *heart*

Spread Joy - Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I had a good day at work. All three of my classes went exceedingly well, and it made me recall WHY I love teaching. Thus, I was in an excellent mood when I left my office and was walking out to the parking lot to fetch my car. As I was walking, someone started following me. This sounds all ominous, but it's actually just because parking is hard to come by here, and they wanted my space. :0 Instead of being irritated like has been my usual reaction to everything of late, I gestured to her where my car was and that I was definitely leaving, so that she could zoom over and put her blinker on to claim the spot. After I got in my car and set my podcast listening set up, I speedily pulled out, and she waved to me as I drove away. I waved back, and thought to myself: "That is SO much more enjoyable than being cranky and irritable all the time!"

Projects - Still with the 70's socks! BUT, I am on the foot of sock #2, and I am projecting that I will have the finished pair photographed and able to show you next week at this time. *high five!*

Involve - I've been reading along in my Mother Angelica book, and learning so much about her steadfast faith and trust in the Lord. I have SO MUCH to learn from her.

Reflect - Lord, there are a lot of ups and downs to our days. Help me to navigate this sea of life with grace and humility. Our Lady Star of the Sea, pray for us.

End Goals - Continue to compartmentalize my work life. Work anxieties stay at work, and are not to be brought home to disturb my family life. This turned out beautifully this week.

Do you have an INSPIRE for the week? I'd love to see it below!


  1. Inspiration: We've been taking walks with the preschool kids downtown for ArtPrize this week. There are thousands of art pieces all over the city created by people form all over the world. It has been inspiring me to want to find a creative outlet. We shall see where that leads.

    Nourish: I was able to make it to daily mass twice this week, which I normally can't do because of my night classes. I'm hoping to be able to add that back into my week after fall break.

    Spread joy: I chatted with Alex and told her I could pick her up from school next Friday when I come home for break. She was so excited that we'll have some time for just the two of us to catch up.

    Projects: (found something from observations!) Creating little booklets about the letter h with the kindergarteners on Wednesday. There were a few who could read the whole thing, and they were so proud of themselves!

    Invlolve: One of my goals for this liturgical year was to read the book of Sirach. Since it's October, I figured I should probably get on that. I started last weekend and am trying to read a little bit each day.

    Reflect: Lord, give me a more childlike faith, and a greater trust in you.

    End goals: To focus on finishing all of the things for my classes that end next week. And I really want to make it to adoration next Wednesday.

  2. Hi Sam! Great, thought-provoking points, as ever! I LOVE that you have been able to make it to daily Mass a few times, that is *such* an instant mood lifter! Adoration would also be perfection. Glad that your observations are providing that creative lift for you. :)


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