Tuesday, October 18, 2016

5 things I'm grateful for today...

Let's do a little exercise together, shall we? ;-) 5 things that we're grateful for right here and now. I'll start!

Fall Activities

Autumn is my favorite season of the entire year. All year I look forward to crunching in fallen leaves, putting mulling spices into warm cider, buying Pumpkin Spice Lattes out the wazoo, and going to things like corn mazes. We took the kids to one this past weekend, and we all reveled in the fall glory. And our foliage in WNY is pretty spectacular right now.

Cute Kids

My kids can sometimes make me dream about Calgon taking me away, but they are both such sweet and goodhearted children. They're also tremendously cute and oftentimes fun to be around. ;-)

Friends and Fellowship

This weekend I also attended a Partylite (candles and home decor) party, as a friend from my dance troupe sells it. I won the adorable pumpkin votive holders you see above, about which I am just tickled. It makes me happy to see them flickering alongside Mary up on our mantle. When I look at them, I think about getting together with friends (whether it be in person or online), and enjoying their company. I have that in abundance in my life, and for that I cannot fully ever express my gratitude. 

Beautiful Things

I take a picture of this same sugar maple tree near my house every single year. This is the third year running. It is currently at peak foliage. I love when it is bright orange on the top, but the bottom still has leaves that are transitioning from green into orange, and individual leaves display both colors. Stunning. 

My Marriage

Today I waxed poetic about fragrance in my Scentsy group on Facebook, asking them what fragrance meant to them, and why they love it. I posed it as a "philosophical question," and my philosopher husband reported in to say that the question we should be asking ourselves is whether the fragrance is a property of the wax itself, or whether it's something we create in our own minds.


Is it any wonder that I love him so much? He makes me laugh every single day.

All right dear readers. Have your own list of 5? Go for it! In the comments. :)


  1. 1. Family - it is so nice to have a week at home in the middle of the semester to hang out with my family & not worry about classes.

    2. Isabelle - Her little giggles and noises ring out all over the house & her face lights up anytime she sees someone she recognizes.

    3. Friends - I have been blessed with some beautiful friendships over the past year. I am so grateful for them and truly don't know where I'd be without them.

    4. Music - I listen to different things based on my mood, but it all usually helps bring a smile to my face.

    5. Books - who doesn't like a good book?! Or two or three... ;-)

  2. Sam,

    <3 We're so grateful for you too!

  3. What a wonderful post! I've been trying to keep a gratitude journal lately to remember all the good things in my life (it really improves my day to make a list each morning!).

    5 things: my husband, beautiful fall foliage, my super-productive morning (yay! these are rare), living close to extended family, & having a full-time job. Thanks be to God, & thank you, Tiffany, for the prompt to be thankful!

  4. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for leaving your list! Fall foliage is big with me - each year, I appreciate the beauty anew. In some ways, it makes me sad that each fall I am one closer to never seeing one again. But in that same way, I appreciate them all the more. <3

  5. Lara the (ex)LibrarianOctober 19, 2016 at 9:51 AM

    I try to do this everyday. Here's what I wrote this morning:

    1. I'm grateful for a summer day (yesterday turned out to be winter again)

    2. I'm grateful for DH who always spoils me with fine chocolate

    3. I'm grateful for learning and growing

    4. I'm grateful for my $work

    5. I'm grateful for a long weekend coming up (if I get my leave approved)

  6. My mom was in a bicycle accident on Sunday. She was riding her bike with a group and the front wheel of her bike hit a metal construction plate in the road in the wrong way. She flew off and hit her head. She has been in ICU with a concussion since Sunday. However there are still things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for ...

    1. My mom has much improved since Sunday. Today she passed the swallow test and so they ordered her lunch. She also walked 10 feet with a walker and a lot of support.

    2. Family and friends. Particularly some family friends who have been at the hospital more than I have and willing to do what ever is needed. Watch our stuff, make food runs, etc.
    And the friend who let me nap at her house yesterday and the fact that her house is close to my work.

    3. The INSPIRE post series. I've been writing a post (or parts of it) in my head and it has reminded me to look to for the little victories each day. Like yesterday when someone let me go in front of them at the store.

    4. That I went to the play I had tickets for last night. The play was great and it was nice to get away.

    5. Everyone who has been praying for my mom. If you're reading this I'd appreciate your prayers as well. Thank you!

  7. Hi Lara! I love that you do this every day, what a fantastic idea!

  8. Melanie, oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about what happened to your mom! But also SO glad to hear that she is recovering! I will definitely pray for her!


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