Monday, October 3, 2016

Cafeteria ladies & tears...

This morning, when Mike came back from dropping the kids off at school, he walked in with Anne's water bottle for snack time, as it had unknowingly fallen out of her backpack during the drive. Want to know what I did?

I started to cry. Because it's just that kind of day.

I feel overwhelmed at work. I don't like the lesson I'm teaching (it's standardized), I don't feel confident with it because I barely had time to look it over in the midst of last week's teaching fray, and some of the students are being super lazy and teeing me off. As in: if you're going to come into the room, immediately put your head down on the desk, and then sleep for all of class, DON'T BOTHER COMING!!


All this, on top of my baby bean not having her Frozen water bottle for snack time? Too much. Over the edge, here I come!

And it's only Monday. *weak nostril flare*

Then I thought back to the weekend. Mike and I were talking while we were making dinner, and we segued into something having to do with the kids. I happened to mention to Mike that I've been noticing more and more how much our kids look alike. They really do. Their little faces hold such a family resemblance. And from behind me, bursts out:

"THAT'S what the cafeteria lady said!! She said I look JUST LIKE HENRY, and Mom, I don't think that's true! Henry's a BOY! And I have long hair!" *flips aforementioned hair saucily over shoulder*

Yep. That's my daughter, for you. It made me smile to think back on it. And on a day like today, I really needed that.

I'm also freshly back from my second class of the day, and nobody fell asleep. I was planning to physically jar them awake if they did, SO DISAPPOINTING. Ah well. I'm calling this a win and heading home for wine. Who's coming with me?!

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