Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Autumn Prayer Journal Curators, volume 5...

Hello all! I think that it is official: Anne has passed some form of the illness she had on to me, and I have passed it on to Mike.


We're not faring nearly so poorly as she did, though. We both have scratchy (but not sore) throats, and are losing our voices, but otherwise feel fine. I'm actually not sure if I'll be able to record Tea Time tomorrow if I don't improve, given the sad state of my voice at present. So we'll see! I'm just grateful to be in a really good place emotionally this week, and you all are a big part of that! Let's get to our INSPIRE for today!

Inspiration - This week, I am inspired by my husband. I am more in love with him than ever, and my appreciation for how much he does to hold down the fort at home has grown by leaps and bounds. He teaches multiple classes, takes care of household cleaning and grocery shopping, and also takes on quite a bit of running the kids around/homework duty. And he does it all good naturedly. I need to emulate him more.

Nourish - I'm back with Mother Angelica in the Raymond Arroyo book! I had taken a break to read a little nonfiction of the legal/true crime variety. I'm over halfway done, and as ever, finding lots of inspiration in her for love of my faith.

Spread Joy - I've been smiling more. I've been thinking about making eye contact with people I pass fleetingly to pass on the happiness I feel this week.

Projects - I'm working on a new winter hat for Mike! It's a lovely dark green merino tencel yarn, the colorway is called "New York at Night." It has a large ribbed band for folding/custom fit around the ears, and a cabled top. Perfect for men!

Involve - I'm starting to think about Advent, and the devotions I would like to practice both personally and with my kids. My November piece for Catholic Mom is about this very topic!

Reflect - Lord, I feel you with me throughout my days this week. I pray that I may always carry this feeling with me, even during weeks that are more challenging to navigate. Our Lady Star of the Sea, pray for us!

End Goals - I go back to in-classroom teaching next week for a three week stretch. My goal is to carry forward my progress from this week off into those weeks.

Do you have an INSPIRE list this week? Let's see it in the comments!


  1. I - My family. Everyone has really pulled together this last week and a half.

    N - Many days I've still been reading from Sacred Reading and I'm grateful for that.

    S - I've been trying to be present where ever I am. Meaning if I'm working trying to be present and helpful instead of appearing distracted.

    P - I swatched for a sock but I was off. I had 7 stitches per inch instead of 8. So I started a new swatch but haven't made much progress.

    I - I teach Faith Formation at my parish and we had class on Sunday.

    R - Dear God, thank you for the progress my mom has made this week and for the blessing of friends and family.

    E - I'm still in taking it one day at a time mode so no goal for next week today.

    P.S. I'm also grateful for slow moments on the reference desk (where I happen to be writing this) since my phone either eats comments or refuses to post them.

    My mom is doing better. She has moved to an in-patient rehab facility where she can receive more intensive therapy to help her heal. Still a long way to go but we are celebrating the small victories along the way.

  2. Hi Melanie,

    Offering up my day for your mom. <3 I'm glad she's doing better, but this is obviously a long and difficult journey for her and indeed, all of you. Next week I go back to teaching, and if I'm being honest, I'm really dreading it, especially after the happy week I've had without that grind. I'll offer that up too.

    I really love your S. I am often so lost in my own head, that I feel and appear perpetually distracted. Being present is an excellent way for introverts like us to spread joy!

  3. I'm combining things from last week & this week. ;-)

    I: This week, watching the sun rise on my way into practicum or work has been inspiring me to pause just before my hectic days begin.

    N: My home parish had some praise & worship adoration while I was home last week, and it was beautiful.

    S: I went to visit lots of family while I was home on break last week. My grandparents were really glad that I could make it over to see them. I was glad they were feeling up to a visit.

    P: I finally cracked open one of my coloring books again. It's helping me destress after homework.

    I: I started reading 33 Days to Morning Glory last week. I want to add it to my night routine that is nonexistent at the moment.

    R: Lord, help me to rejoice and praise you in all things, in every circumstance of my life.

    E: By mid-November, I typically hit panic mode of "all the things are due in the next few weeks". I want to start doing parts of the big assignments each week now, so it's not overwhelming at the end.

  4. Hi Sam! FANTASTIC list this week, girl! I could tell by the way you spoke about the praise and worship adoration last week that it was really speaking to you. Well done! And your project - I didn't know you enjoyed coloring!!! I have friends who also enjoy this, and RAVE about how much of a stress reliever it is! 33 Days to Morning Glory is clutch, every single year. And I totally sympathize about your end goals. I remember that time of the semester very well. Sounds like you have a good plan! And we're here for prayer and moral support along the way. <3

  5. I LOVE coloring! It's about the only crafty thing I can actually do. I got this book from my mom last year for Christmas (meaning I bought it, she gave it to me, then paid me back lol).
    Also, I definitely meant 33 Days to Merciful Love... Tired brain after 7 hours with the littles. ;-)


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