Friday, August 21, 2015

7 Quick Takes {Take 88} Things I'm looking forward to this fall edition...

It's been a long week, yes it is true, and so I want to think happy thoughts. The air feels crisp today,  and the campus is starting to look alive again. And so, what am I looking forward to this fall? Read on, gentle reader. :)

-1- Podcasty goodness!

I'm hoping to start a podcast this fall. Still brainstorming on ideas, so stay tuned!

-2- Fall sweaters!

Oh gosh. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time to knit all year. Favorite. I have sweater plans, and do you want to see the yarn? Of course you do:

I mean...


Is that my color, or what?! It's called Candied Yam, and it would make the most perfect Thanksgiving sweater EVER, am I right? Of course, that may be Thanksgiving 2017 before I'm done with it, but hope springs eternal!

-3- Shawls, shawls, shawls!

I also love to knit shawls in the fall. I mean, look at this. Did you ever?!

*happy sigh*

I'm also working on gift shawls:

That yellow will be the third striping color added in soon, with short rows. Sublime.


I've been knitting a lot of socks lately, and I think I should get marriage bonus points for this:

And isn't Mike a good sport for modeling? He loves them. I also have more gifts socks to make:

Don't you just love the colors? I still have a lot of sock knitting to do, don't I? But I love socks, so it's all good.

-5- Crockpot cooking!

Goodness, do I love fall themed cooking, and I ADORE our crockpot. I love just dumping stuff in there in the morning, and then you come home and smell this wonderful, completed meal aroma. It's like divine intervention cooking or something. And if it involves squash or pumpkins, all the better.

-6- Fall dancing!

My troupe has an outdoor event to dance at in mid-September, so here's hoping we won't freeze our beads off. It's usually still pretty mild in September, but you never know. After that, we have the fall hafla planned for mid-November, and I'm all excited about that. New solo in the works! :0 Sword and veil are both competing for the coveted spot, so we'll have to see who wins this little power struggle. ;-)

-7- Fall reading plan!

Right. The Catholic Book Club. :0 I've been slacking a little bit. If you looked on my Kindle right now, you'd see that I've read nothing but Amish and cozy crafting fiction all summer.That's just the way it is sometimes. ;-) I have the latest book in the young adult John Paul II High series on my list for August, Near Occasions, and I plan to read it as soon as I'm done with the Amish mystery I'm currently reading. I think I'm over 70% of the way through it, too. So, what this means is that the book club is still alive and well, I'm just going to bump our next date to the following week. Which will  be September, I will grant. ;-) But we'll get there! Then I do have a book for late September planned, and subsequently need to add to the list. Keep your eyes peeled!

What are YOU looking forward to this fall, dear reader?

All right everyone, have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you next week. In the meantime, check out more 7 Quick Takes over at This Ain't the Lyceum!


  1. All of your knitting posts makes me want to learn how to knit or crochet. People have told me I probably would like it because I like to have my hands busy and I like math/counting. I was on Michaels website and saw they have a class I might try and go to one of them in the future :)

    1. Oh Beth Anne, yes GO, YAY! That's how I learned to knit, from a class at Jo Ann's. :0 I bet you'll love it! Let me know how it goes.

  2. A new fall choreography - much fun. I don't know whether I should pull for the veil or the sword; both are so lovely in their way. I'm sure that will be fun.

    Your knitting looks just beautiful. I love that sweater - the details are great. I really like the detail on the side shot with the plain knitting under the arm. Such a pretty lace pattern.

  3. Hi Amy! Yes, fall brings lots of freshness, doesn't it? :) I'm thinking of using that song "Drama Queen," not the most flattering of titles, I admit, but I love the music. Who is that again...Sahar. Great instrumental piece, mix of fast and taquism, sublime. It would go well with a veil, I think. Or prop-less.

    Thank you for your knitting comments! I love that sweater pattern, but I'm thinking the lace is going to be time consuming. :) Worth it, though!

  4. Yes, that's a nice piece of music. I really like the opening drum work, and the melodic line is lovely; there is a lot a person can do with that.

    The time consuming part is one reason I can be a little put off by knitting, and tend toward faster projects, like sewing, but I admire you the perseverance I lack:)

    And, I'm slow this morning - "freeze your beads" - LOL

  5. Amy, :0 We may now have an outdoor performance in early October! I'm hoping it stays mild until closer to Halloween. We'll see, I suppose. Yes, it's a great song to work with, right? I'm thinking veil entrance, and then getting rid of it at some dramatic point in the music. ;-)


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