Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tea Time with Tiffany Episode 12 - Navigating life's challenging times & prayer

Good morning to you all, on a rainy, overcast day in WNY. I was very much looking forward to talking to you all today on another episode of:

I've mentioned that I'm having a bit of a long week, and I elaborate on that in today's video. And when life is difficult, we turn to prayer, yes? I talk about that too. :) So grab your rosary beads and pray along with me!

Items mentioned in this episode:
 Thank you to you all for your prayers, I treasure you so much!


  1. Have you tried all of the holiday collection teas? I like the Candy Cane Lane and Sugar Cookie ones too, but you know--they're decaf. ;)

    Very sorry to hear of trying times. I'm praying the St. Monica novena and including anyone who has asked for prayers, so you're included! Your pumpkin rosary is very pretty and I am sure SuperMom (aka The Blessed Mother) is very pleased at your praying together and will give you as much comfort as she can.

  2. I'll be praying for you and your family!!

  3. Kate, oh *happiness*! Yes, I have. Admittedly, I like the black tea better than it's herbal cousins, but I do like them all. And thank you SO much for including me in your St. Monica novena. :)

  4. Cindy, thank you so much dear heart!

  5. Praying!! Waiting for news is hard especially when you are hoping for a particular outcome. However even if the outcome isn't what you hope God has a way of taking care of us.

  6. Melanie, thank you so much, dear one. And yes, you are absolutely right. :)


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