Monday, August 10, 2015

Celebrate the feast of St. Dominic with me over at Catholic Mom! And more chaplet updates...

Happy Monday everybody! That sounds so much perkier than I actually feel, but hey; you win some, you lose some. ;-) I've just brewed afternoon tea, and feel ready to look alive!

And I always enjoy the Mondays on which my monthly posts at Catholic Mom go live, because I just love the community over there! This month, my theme is an exploration of Third Orders, and our guide is St. Dominic! This is a reworked piece that I originally wrote for this blog, but I've updated it quite a bit. Whether you've read it before, or for the first time today, I would LOVE IT if you would head over and leave me a comment over on Catholic Mom! I promise a personal reply. :)

In other news, my updates to the Chaplets page are daily at this point, though that will taper off to monthly shortly. Right now, there are 8 videos/recordings on there, with the newest being the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Tomorrow, St. Cecilia will be added, and by the end of the week, the 7 Sorrows of Mary. After that, things will stay constant until early September, when I have a few new chaplets set to arrive. ;-) So do keep checking! I'm looking forward to praying with you.

This is a short post for me today (shocker! :0) but I've been a busy bee with work-related writing today, and I'm trying to keep that groove going. :) I have been remembering you all in the intentions of my 54 Day Rosary Novena, and I have some fun family posts planned for later in the week: Epic fails in gardening, potty training, and the arrival of the first of the Christmas saint dolls, you could call it an eclectic mix. ;-) I will talk to you all then!

In the mean time...wait! Although I love it when you write to me here, write to me at Catholic Mom today! That would mean a lot. But I love you guys regardless, so if you want to write in about your own lack of gardening talents or about how your kid may never stay dry through the night just like mine, and you'd rather not advertise that over at Catholic Mom, sure, please write to me here. ;-)

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