Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tea Time with Tiffany Episode 11 - I want your ideas for a new audio project!

Morning all! And welcome to our 11th installment of:

This week I'm talking about the ideas rolling around in this spacey head of mine with regard to new audio projects. I'm pretty much relying solely on YOU for this one, so please do write in with your feedback!

Items mentioned in this episode:
  • Chaplets page now has 10 recordings available!
  • St. Monica novena begins Tuesday, leading up to her feast August 27th. Details TBA! And I will be making a recording of her chaplet. :)
  • Custom chaplets available from Rosaries by Allison!
I'm not going to be able to post tomorrow, so I will talk to you all early next week. In the mean time, do write in with your audio ideas, K? ;-) I promise to treasure them. And write back to you in a chirpy fashion. And give you a virtual hug.


  1. Since you have again solicited feedback, I would like to gently suggest something that maybe you will have an interest in (or maybe not). What are your feelings about reviewing young reader literature, perhaps for the age range 10-15 or so, either as its own subject or as part of reviewing literature for other age ranges as well? I would think such a thing wold be, at most, a "short subject" for a podcast, or something you would feature from time to time as part of a larger venture.

    I was raised reading the classics, and for "modern" literature, mostly Nancy Drew books. This is a far cry from things like the Hunger Games books, for instance (ah, for the "good old days" when most junior/young adult fiction was, almost by definition, non-controversial). I regularly need to buy gifts for kids in that age range, and I like to offer a book along with something else, and I often find it difficult to find literature (especially for boys) that (a) a child that age would find interesting and that (b) does not deal with adult themes, such as divorce, or does so in a responsible, age appropriate, values affirming way. From experience, I know that classics are often dismissed out of hand both by parents and the gift recipient, even though such stories are often "classic" because they have stood the test of time as good yarns.

    So, if you were interested in pursuing such a thing, I don't know if you would like to review classics, more modern works, or all of the above. I would also be interested in books for this age range about lives of saints and the like as well, as that is not something I was much exposed to growing up.

    I thought this might be topical as you have a son who might be reading junior fiction/young adult fiction, so thought it might be territory you would be exploring in your own life already without needing to task yourself with too much additional work.

    It seems that podcasts fairly frequently do movies and TV, and even video games. Not so much with the reading material. Bummer.

    That's my two cents.

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you for writing in! This has got my wheels turning...I like the idea of having a book segment, and agree with you wholeheartedly: lots of movie and TV show segments in podcasts (which are great!) but not so much book love, for whatever reason. In terms of the age range you mentioned, that is certainly a category of books ripe for recommendations. I do mention things that I encounter with Henry on the blog sometimes, but it's certainly not a regular feature. I know the Blogger search function (I'll just say it) *sucks*, but if you poke around you will find saint books and Bible story books I've discussed for middle readers. It's certainly something that could *also* be included in a podcast though, maybe a book feature with a combination of adult, young adult and kids books? I like! Thanks so much for the idea!

  3. Hi Tiffany -

    Yes, I have poked around your blog, and have found at least some of your book suggestions, which I have found helpful, too. Those lives of saints books you featured recently? AWESOME! That's one reason I thought, "More Please!" when you asked for suggestions.

  4. Amy, aw, I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much. I'm glad you were able to find some of them. Henry is at that perfectly mysterious age range right now for gifting books ;-) so there is certainly some great fodder there!

  5. I'd be interested in more information about Chaplets. You are always talking about them but I've never heard of them before. How is it different from a novena or a rosary? All these different prayers confuse me! Maybe some videos on how-tos on different types of prayers or links to help newbies figure them all out! Every time I think I know everything I need to know about the faith I find out new stuff!

  6. Hi Beth Anne, thanks so much for the awesome suggestion! I do have short videos about some chaplets on the new chaplet recordings page, but I really just talk about how many beads/what prayers to say, etc. I don't go in-depth, and certainly, such things lend themselves to a larger discussion! We could have a devotion of the month or something like that to explore in depth. I love that idea, YAY!

  7. How about a "fun facts" type of segment where you can highlight lesser know facts about the Catholic Church/faith? Or, maybe a more in depth exploration of Catholic teachings/history/traditions?

  8. Hi Cindy! Well, thank you for this! Traditions, oohhhhh, we could go wild with that one! I love stuff like that. This will definitely go onto my brainstorming list, thank you so much!


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