Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tea Time with Tiffany #13 - Fitness routines & their benefit to our overall wellbeing...

Good morning all! After feeling rather poorly earlier in the week, I'm feeling somewhat perked this morning, just in time for another installment of:

This week, on my heart is the fact that during difficult stretches, spiritually and emotionally, physical exercise is good for both the body and soul. I've been fostering a new routine in terms of my physical activity, and wanted to share that with you. I also wanted to solicit ideas from all of you, so let's get started!

Items mentioned in this episode:
  • The Barre3 program (yoga, Pilates, ballet barre workout), and their online component for those without local studios (like me!). I love it!
  • Barre3 free online 15 day trial.
  • Walking. No link for this, it's just a casual part of my overall fitness routine. :) While I listen to music or podcasts of course!
  • Coming in late September - the feast of Our Lady Star of the Sea, who helps us navigate these challenging times in life! I mentioned 9/25 as the feast in the video, but now I'm not certain that that is correct. The British Apostleship of the Sea mentions it as being September 27th, so maybe we'll go with that. :) 
So, dear reader, does physical exercise help brighten your mood? What is your fitness routine? Everything, including simply taking the stairs at work, or parking farther away from buildings to get a small walk in, counts! I would love to hear about what you incorporate into your daily tasks. :)


  1. I don't have much to add by way of exercise routine, but wanted to mention that a good multivitamin, especially one with plenty of B vitamins and pantethine can help with mood and energy levels. Just a suggestion, realizing that people are either pretty staunchly "pro" or "anti" supplement:)

    I hope that your concern resolves positively, and I am including your intentions in my commuter rosary.

  2. Aw, thank you Amy! Commuter rosary, I love that. :) I'm definitely not anti-supplement, so thank you for the vitamin info!

  3. Finding time work out when you have littles is so difficult. I'm not a gym person either, and it's hard to get motivated to take a walk here when it's a thousand degrees outside. :(

  4. Cindy, totally agreed. I try to walk inside if I can. Mall, perhaps?

  5. I'm not allowed to run (teaching has ruined my feet, as have bad genes from my mom) so I do like walking--sometimes outside, sometimes on the treadmill at the gym. Leslie Sansone is a little goofy but I like her walking videos (1/2/3 miles) and she has a positive attitude. I think she's pretty open about her faith too.

    I don't like crowds and enjoy Friday nights at the gym (sounds sad but it was a nice distraction from not having dates or local friends, and even now that I am dating, Fridays are busy nights for a chef!). I also have a weekly Pilates class with the fairly same core group of women for the past 7 years (I took a few years off in the middle for medical reasons) and love it. My acupuncturist said "Pilates is one of the best things women can do for their fertility" so who knows?

    I like to dance but have trouble following choreographed dances. Not sure why because my parents are very good dancers. Can't wait to see them on the dance floor at my sister's wedding. But I want to be out there, too, so I guess I'd better practice!

    1. Kate! So glad you chimed in! I don't like running either, it feels really hard in my knees, and as a dancer, I really want to preserve those! ;-) I've done Leslie Sansone videos in my time, she's fun. And Pilates? *swoons* I had no idea what I was missing!! I love it!


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