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A happy hello to all of my fellow book lovers! I have always been a devoted reader, and in fact this is why I chose to become a librarian. As a child, I wondered if everyone had a "to be read" shelf of books that grew exponentially year by year...

I still read good old fashioned print books sometimes, but I also have a Kindle and am a huge convert to ebooks. Your "to be read" shelf will never run out of space!!

I review books on this blog regularly. On the right sidebar you'll see two things on a regular basis: a poll to vote on our next book, and the title that we are currently reading and will be reviewing. I host regular book clubs during Advent, Lent, and Summer Ordinary Time, and you are welcome to join in and read the book along with us!

As well, any time I am asked to review a book, or a book simply catches my fancy (whether it be a religious or secular title) I post those under the Catholic Book Club tag, so that anyone wanting to see a list of all reviewed books on this blog could pull them up. So feel free to do that if you are looking for book recommendations and new stuff to read. Because you matter how many books are on your "to be read" shelf, you can *always* use new stuff to read. Yes? Who's with me?!

For Summer Ordinary Time 2021, we're reading Set All Afire: A Novel of St. Francis Xavier, by Lous de Wohl. Here is our schedule!

  • June 18th - Part 1
  • July 2nd - Part 2
  • July 16th - Part 3
  • July 30th - Part 4
  • August 13th - Part 5
  • August 27th - Part 6

We'd love to have you join us!

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  1. So glad I found this! Wish I had found it earlier!!! :)


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