Friday, July 17, 2015

Lots about St. Anne! And in your charity, please pray for me to not knock myself unconscious this weekend :0

Hi all! I have a SUPER busy day, so no time for 7 Quick Takes unfortunately (ironic that those posts usually take me longer than others to write. ;-)) But I wanted to briefly remind everyone who wants to pray the St. Anne novena that it begins TODAY.


AND, in exciting news, when I arrived home yesterday, my St. Anne chaplet was waiting for me!

*angels sing*

So I brought it with me, and created this short video this morning, if you'd like to pray along:

I'm going to put this video on the St. Anne novena page too, for easy reference. Yay for novenas!

I have to rush off, I have a leviathan of a meeting later *insert super unhappy emoticon here* and so time is tight. BUT, I have lots of fun posts slated for next week. Remember, I'm dancing this weekend, and I already feel sick to my stomach thinking about the fact that I have a solo in the set. Public event, July heat, windy conditions, a shaky, sweaty-palmed, nervous belly dancer wielding a sword...what could go wrong?! I'll tell you all about it next week. ;-) Plus, I have more amusing knitting project tales, and my sister is potty training her twins and I thought maybe I'd write a "best of" potty training compilation post to boost her spirits. Want to join in? Come back next week!!

But don't leave before telling me all about your weekend plans. Go ahead. Tell me. In the comments.*bossy* :0

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