St. Anne Novena

Hello fellow fans of St. Anne! This is an important feast to me for a couple of reasons: (1) she is the patron of both my mom and my daughter, and (2) back when I was single, I took a trip to Quebec with some friends, and we visited the shrine of St.-Anne-de-Beaupre. There, I prayed for my vocation, and within the month, I met Mike. *heart*

Her feast day is Sunday July 26th, and thus her novena begins this Friday July 17th. If you'd like to pray along, Pray More Novenas is sponsoring her novena, so you can sign up to receive the prayers in your email inbox each morning. If you've sign up with them in the past (like me!) then you will automatically receive the prayers for all of the novenas that they pray, including this one.

In addition, I'm going to be praying the St. Anne chaplet each day of the novena. I have the beads on order, and they should arrive later this week. If I get them in time, I'll record a short video of myself praying the chaplet so that you can pray along if you like. I don't have straight audio file capabilities just yet, we'll get there! But for now, maybe this will be helpful to some of you. But in a nutshell, the chaplet consists of 3 sets of the following: 1 Our Father, and 5 Hail Mary prayers. After each Hail Mary, you ask: "Jesus, Mary and St. Anne, please grant the favor that I ask."

Here's a link to a handy pdf with the chaplet prayers laid out.

UPDATE! Video :)


  1. I'll be praying along as well. I'm a fan of St. Anne even if I'm a tad biased because I am named after her. Last year some good things happenned after praying her novena so I'm hopeful better things are in store for me this year :)

  2. Hi Beth Anne, so glad to know that you'll be praying along! It is gratifying, certainly, to actually see fruits of a novena, whether the answer is 'yes' or 'no' (but let's face it, we favor the 'yes' :)). I'm so glad the novena bore happy fruit for you last year, and here's praying for more good things to come!


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