Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mother's Day gift ideas?

I need serious ideas here, people, so let's put our thinking caps on. ;-) Mother's Day is fast approaching, and each year I struggle with what to get my dear Mommy. She's one of those people that feels hard to buy for, although she isn't particularly fussy about items she receives as gifts, so I don't why I fret over this so much. But my superpower is to turn ordinary, everyday tasks into Anxiety Levels Worthy Of Classification As A Cardiovascular Activity, so there you have it.

I've seen two things that have caught my eye, but then I want your creative energy to chime in. :) One is this lovely embroidered rosette necklace from Call Her Happy:

She'll customize it to the number and gender of the children of the mom in question, which I think is perfect. My mom has three girls and loves purple, so voila! This is almost certainly going to get ordered.

If you're of the persuasion to make jewelry, I saw this Peas in a Pod Bracelet as an inspiration project on Fusion Beads:

I happen to have two sisters, but you could add or subtract beads accordingly depending upon the mother. I'm feeling a bit lazy about making jewelry these days, but I thought it was a nice idea for a Mother's Day gift.

So. I need your ideas. :) Lay 'em on me!

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