Friday, April 24, 2015

7 Quick Takes {Take 77} Spring reading and yarn, 1st Communion rosaries, and dancing with giant veils, edition!

Well, the sun is shining here in Western New York, so that seems springy, right?  The snow that fell yesterday would dispute this fact, but we're ignoring that little detail. What's going on with me this spring week, you ask? Do read on. :)

-1- April book club coming on Wednesday!

Next Wednesday April 29th marks our next edition of the Catholic Book Club, and this month I'm reading Vow of Evil, by Veronica Black, the last in the Sister Joan Mysteries:

I read the other books in this series some years ago, but was unable to procure a copy of this one as it wasn't available via Amazon's U.S. store at that time. Now, happily, it is available for Kindle, so if you'd like to read it, it's downloadable for under $9. And despite the fact that this is a series, the books stand alone, so don't be scared off from reading this by the fact that you haven't dipped into the earlier titles. These are LOVELY books featuring a crime-solving British nun, I mean, did you ever?

-2- And we also have a crime-solving vicar's wife!

I just can't resist such things. I've read previous books in this series, the Berdie Elliott Mysteries (here and here), and for May I have the Catholic Book Club slated to read Into the Clouds: A Berdie Elliott Ascension Mystery, by Marilyn Leach:

I am so tickled that the story is set around the feast of the Ascension, and I picked it for May for just this reason. I have really enjoyed the other books in this series and am excited to get started on this one. The book is just $3.99 to download for Kindle, if you'd like to join in!

-3- Can you even believe this gorgeousness?

A friend of mine (also named Anne, love!) is a talented spinner and dyer of yarn, and she recently hand painted the following bulky weight yarn that I nearly got apoplectic over:

I mean, I LOVE IT. The colors just scream "SPRING!" to me, and if we're not screaming it, I'm afraid the sun may not get the hint and go hide for another 6 months, so we *must* do our part! I immediately messaged her to buy the skeins, and plan a spring cowl from it, plus matching mittens for next fall.


-4- First Communion gifty goodness!

My cousin invited me to her twins' First Communion party, and unfortunately I can't attend. But never fear, perfect gifts are on their way! I live for this stuff. Allison's shop is freshly restocked with lovely rosaries ready to ship, and I thought I'd share the pocket rosaries that I ordered for the twins (a boy and a girl :)). We have Pope Francis in citrine:

...and St. Therese in pink:

Perfect little gifts, yes? I can't wait to send them along.

-5- Summer dance dress is enroute!

My troupe ordered Baladi dresses for our summer festival season, and since they are custom made, there was a small delay in shipment. Finally, they are on their way to us, and I'm terribly excited. Mine is a halter style with a full flared skirt, because we want things to be as twirly as possible, right?! Nothing better than a new dance costume. Except new yarn. Or a new book. But I digress!

-6- And speaking of summer dancing...

Our spring hafla (in studio show for friends and family) is next Saturday, and we're in high rehearsal mode. Excitingly, for the first time, Mike and both kids are coming! Mike has come before, many times, and Henry has seen me dance a few times, but Anne hasn't. I'm very excited! Given that Anne gets down to the Gloria during Mass, I'm thinking she's going to be out of her seat and joining in the dancing fun at a hafla. :0

-7- "Oh, I think somehow a little water got onto our veil?" "No that's sweat, sorry!"

Soooooo, I've been alluding to this dramatic new choreography we have in which my part in the beginning involves me wrapping up into this giant piece of fabric with my troupemate Amy at the other end, and then we twirl out to do this carousel-like spinning sequence with it. Eventually, we fluff it up airbourne so that other dancers can enter from beneath it. It sounds really cool, but let me tell you, this whole thing has got me really stressed out. :0 Lots of room for error here, and I *really* don't want to get stuck in this thing, and/or trip over it, and/or somehow become engulfed in a wave of hot pink fabric and subsequently fall off the stage. Hence, every time we wrap up in the veil to get started, I'm perspiring. As demurely as possible, I assure you, and this would be the TMI portion of our post today, sorry, should have warned you! But at any rate, poor Amy has now learned of this reality, and so as we wrap up, we both try to think non-sweating thoughts, but it isn't easy, dear reader. The dancing life is decidedly not stress-free, apparently! But we're persevering. We're busting out this new choreography at the hafla as a bit of a trial run for summer festivals, and here's a raised glass to not humiliating myself! Or sweating in public.

All right, I gotta jet. Have a great weekend, everyone, talk to you on Monday! And don't forget to check out more 7 Quick Takes at This Ain't the Lyceum!

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  1. Oh my goodness, a crime-solving British nun? Count me in! I am adding that to my list. My cheapness, errr, I mean my frugality won't let me buy a book for $9, because we'd go broke . . . but maybe I can ILL it . . .

    That yarn is gorgeous. Being a yarnie is such fun, isn't it?


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