Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Maybe if you travel step your way over here? Does that look lopsided? Oh dear, move back!" More dancing adventures...

My dance troupe has a performance tomorrow evening for the first time since December, and it feels like a breath of fresh air to be rehearsing again. Winter is definitely the slowest time of year for us in terms of gigs, but we use that time to learn new choreographies and techniques. I definitely enjoy both of those things, but there is something exciting about the spring rolling around and us focusing on fine tuning our old and new repertoire for the events we're asked to perform at. Hello to controlled chaos! :)

Tomorrow, we're slated to dance at an arts and culture night at a local college. We've performed there in the past, the last time when I was heavily pregnant with Anne, that one was pretty amusing. :0 I'm not sure how it'll go, given the unpredictable nature of our audience, but we've prepared as best we can. As is always the case with any performance, the entire group isn't available on the given night, so we've been adjusting our choreographies around to fill in gaps and generally make it look like there aren't people missing in the formations. What I always worry about is *remembering* the changes, and then remembering to change it back in my head the next time we perform. A definite *remembering* theme going on here. #AdventuresInAging ;-)

We're not using the brand new choreography, the one with the giant veil wrap/parachute situation going on (thank the good Lord), but instead an older pop piece, the newer drum solo, and the fairly new Shaabi number. That Shaabi number really isn't my favorite (very informal, more sassy style. Guess who lacks any smidgen of sass whatsoever? :)), but I press on. I love the drum piece though.

So we have two sets (pop/drum, then later, the Shaabi), and Claire will dance in between them. I absolutely love performing with the troupe. Every time we do, it's an adventure with really funny stories. Every.time. :0 I will report in on Friday!

Are any of you going to, or involved in, any arts festivals this summer?

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