Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adventures in Periodontology, take 2...

Hello all! Reporting in from the sick bay. :) I'm doing very well though. Much better than last time. There's certainly something to be said for having experience.

Yesterday, I didn't freak out or take Vallium, both of which I did last time. :0 I arrived at the office in a good mood, and chatted chirpily with the dental assistant while she got me ready. Soon, the periodontist was at my service, and we were underway. Since I didn't have the relaxant this time, I was much more aware of everything he was doing. Translation: when you're a squeamish person, this isn't such a good thing. :0

Tiffany's Thought Bubble:

"What's that he has? Oh. OH. That looks sharp. Oh yuck, there's blood on his gloves. I think something just fell from the roof of my mouth? Oh. Oh God."

I will say that it passed the time quickly. :0

Pretty soon, he was stitching me up, but my Novocaine was beginning to wear off. This happened to me last time too, but last time I was loopy so I didn't care. He had already been stitching for some time, and it was only 2 teeth. How long much longer could it take? I'm tough, I told myself, I can take it. I'll just stay real, real still.

Well, see, this is what happens when you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. *gentle snort* Eventually, I made some sort of involuntary whimpering noise, and the doctor was horrified that I was in pain and he didn't realize it. He's just the nicest person, I tell you. Several more shots of Novocaine later, I was feeling fantastic and the stitching continued. Soon, I was all done and on my way.

I could tell right away that I was swollen, but what's a girl to do? It looks rather amusing because it's only on one half of my jaw this time, the other half is totally normal, lol. But I was fastidious with my ice, applying in 10 minute intervals throughout the day. And as of this morning, my face doesn't look nearly so "punched!" as last time. There's obviously a little swelling there, but I've mitigated it nicely. The jury is still out on bruising. Last time, I didn't develop that until the third day, so I suppose we'll see where we're at tomorrow. I've been applying my emu oil lotion, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, so here's hopin'!

The only other thing different this time is the wound on the top of my mouth, where the grafting tissue came from. Instead of being closer to the center of my mouth, it's way back behind my upper teeth, and it's deeper. (aren't you so glad you read this blog, for disgusting details just such as these?!) The dental assistant put what she called a "dressing" on it, which turned out to be a putty-like substance, to cover the wound and protect it. Well.

For one thing, it tasted terrible. *wrinkles nose* And secondly, I'm a bit of a, um...bad patient. I instantly hated the dressing and wanted it gone. It was lifting off at the corners and feeling all gooey, GROSS! I was instructed to eat soft foods on the other side of my mouth only. With such an instruction, who in their right mind would think it's a good idea to eat QUINOA for lunch?

Yes, your resident spacey librarian.

I slip a bit carefully into the right side of my mouth. As is so often the case, my mind immediately wanders, and next thing I know, tiny grains of quinoa are spread throughout my mouth, including stuck right into that slimy dressing. *gags* I tried to remedy the situation as best I could, but soon the dressing was totally dislodged and covering my teeth rather than the wound. Let's just say the removal was quite unpleasant.


That was the only hiccup. The wound is fine this morning, and is already starting to heal.

I've been taking it easy, but being as active as I can be. I'm off from work until Monday. If I'm feeling up to it, I plan to go to dance class tomorrow. Don't yell at me, I can't help it! I told you, I"m a bad patient. :)

Ok all, off to swish more warm salt water. I doubt I'll blog tomorrow. Mike and I are planning to take Anne out for lunch and go for a walk in one of our favorite neighborhoods in this area. It should be lovely, and so I don't know that I'll be online much. Aside from to send out some ridiculous Tweets periodically throughout the day. ;-)

Rest assured, I'll be back Monday! I'll update you on my condition :), and likely on some dance stuff. Since I have new skirts. And they are FABULOUS! Talk to you then!


  1. Gahhh I was cringing and shuddering through this whole thing. I hate teeth. Ahhh, I need to make an appointment at the dentist too for a cleaning and this makes me dread it even more. I hate dentists and all things teeth :(

    1. Aw. :) I hate dentistry stuff too, but I've gotten better about it (obviously out of necessity!) :) I always tell myself that if I just have things taken care of, I'm making it better for myself in the long run.

      When people have asked me about this surgery recently, I always get horrified looks followed by "Well, *I* don't much care for dental work!" With just of a hint of accusation in their tone, kwim? :0 I always want to say "NEITHER DO I!" ha! But it's better to just take care of it if something needs doing.

      Because the alternative..."Well, when we're 70, and you don't have any teeth, we'll see who's laughing then!" :0 That's what I WANT to say to them. ;-)


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