Thursday, April 3, 2014

A morning with the Catholic Librarian...

So, where should I begin? Yes, my morning. *long suffering sigh* I arrive to my office rushy rushy around 8:30 am because I have a meeting at 9, and I am chair of the committee. I need to look composed and like I know what I am doing by that point. No easy feat.

I log into my computer real quick-like. I want to check my email, get the paperwork together that I need for the meeting, reply to a text message from a friend, make tea, and check in on other important stuff (i.e. Facebook). When my computer is done doing whatever it has to do every morning to get ready, which seems to take FOREVER, I open my email and quickly deal with everything that is waiting in there. I open up a browser window, feeling virtuous.

Facebook is pretty quiet, so I head to my favorite social media spot, Twitter. I see that I have a new follower, and the username sounds just a hair questionable as to their motives. I click to open up their profile and see what's the what. Suddenly, I am immobile. My mouse has died.

I do the technical troubleshooting that we all do when a piece of equipment suddenly fails us: I pick the device up and pound it back down on my mousepad several times in a forceful manner. I I examine it carefully, making a scrunched up face while I do so. After another round of pounding goes without response, I send a curse word it's way. And then I remember to check and make sure that the mouse is solidly plugged into my computer tower (located underneath my desk). :0 It is, but it's still not working.

Resigned to my fate, I dial up library IT. I cannot do anything with what is open on my screen, and TweetDeck is looming over me ominously. Fantastic.

One of our sweet and wonderful IT staff answer my call.

"I think my mouse has given up the ghost."

"Did you check to make sure it's plugged in?"

"Yes." *halo*

"Did you unplug it and then plug it back in?"

"Oh. No. Should I?"

"Yes. Sometimes that works."

"Ok, let me just...OW! I'm ok, just banged my knee getting down here. All right, here it is, it's kind of crowded under here. I'll just..."

"Is there a light on underneath?"

"No, but I can still see ok. I got it unplugged and then back in. OW! I'm ok, that was just my head."

"Oh, sorry. No, I meant is there a red light on on the bottom of the mouse itself?"

"Oh." *feels ridiculous* "Let me check...Nope, no red light. I do see a blue light on top though.'s still not working."

"Can I remote in?"

I knew this was going to happen.

"Sure." *offers nonsensical reason as to how Twitter is related to my meeting preparation*

She remotes in. My mouse still isn't working.

"You need a new mouse. Can I bring one over?"

"That would be fantastic! Oh, but I have a meeting in...oh good heavens, 5 minutes!"

After working out another mouse exchange time, I hurriedly grab my notepad and papers and head downstairs. Every bit of dust preexisting on my office floor is now on my pants. My head is aching from where I banged it on the keyboard attachment. I have abandoned all hope of caffeine consumption. And now for the next hour, I need to lead a discussion on information literacy standards and proposed curricular changes.

*delicately flares nostrils*

I made it. And I have a new working mouse. AND I'm busily planning my 7 Quick Takes for tomorrow. Here's a teaser, let's see...we'll have more dental talk, so beware. Some new knitting projects. Some book and recipe recommendations. Oh oh! And I need help deciding on a dance solo for my next hafla. I need you to vote on music selection! So if you're a dance fan, make sure to check back tomorrow. :)

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  1. Hi. I'm Kate! Here for the first time! I enjoyed your story and love your writing voice!


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