Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A candle tray update, and my *real* last Children's Liturgy session...

I forgot that I promised an update on how my first night of candle tray balancing went. I'm happy to report that it *wasn't* a disaster; sometimes life really does surprise you. :)

For some reason I thought that it would be *more* difficult to balance a tray than it is to balance a sword. I'm basing this on my one attempt to balance a shamadan (traditional Egyptian wedding dance wherein one balances a candleabra), now THAT, gentle reader, was a disaster. Somehow having something covering more circumference on my head made the item less stable. But that was actually not the case with a tray. It balanced with no trouble at all and was quite easy to keep on while dancing. We haven't yet put the candles on them yet, but we're getting there.

I will say that although the sword is more difficult, the nice thing is that you can adjust it without having to touch it simply by angling your head. With a tray, adjusting means physically doing it with your hands, and given that it is so much lighter than a sword, the chances of you having to adjust it are greater. So, those are the pros and cons.

But it really, seriously went well. So well that the entire group is going to be balancing a tray rather than just a portion of us. And we're going to come out holding the trays, and then balance them on our heads while shimmying. Don't you just love bellydance? Something new and fun every day. :)

So that was Friday. Sunday morning I had one final Children's Liturgy of the Word session to run, since the DRE asked me and I am fond of her. I prepared by compiling a few Father's Day appropriate saints stories (Bl. Louis Martin and St. Joseph) and getting some questions together relating to the Gospel theme for the day on forgiveness. I was ready.

So imagine my disappointment when my cast net only reeled in 2 fish. :) Yes, that's right, the smallest Children's Liturgy crowd that I've ever had, and ironically, it was the 2 older boys that sometimes misbehave and made me reconsider my call to this ministry to begin with.

And...they were great, really. They got a little antsy toward the end, but who wouldn't? They were good sports about the whole thing and I told them so. So my year with the Children's Liturgy of the Word program ended very, very well. I got everything tidied back up after Mass and left feeling peaceful.

The whole thing has gotten me to thinking: what ministry is God calling me to now? I really do want to continue to volunteer in my parish, I just feel like I need a change. The summer is a good time to figure this all out since many of the ministries are dormant over the summer months and resurface come fall. So I'll be praying about it and keeping my eye on the bulletin.

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