Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lots of Catholic "stuff" brewing over here...

Thanks to everybody who left a comment yesterday in support of me, that means so much! It was kind of a sh*#!@ afternoon, and I really needed that boost. Boost received and accepted!

And so, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about this blog, and about my "Catholic life," if you will. Am I doing what God wants me to do in my faith? I'm certainly trying. But am I listening hard enough?

I've always seen this blog as a ministry, of sorts. Through the years, I've grown as a Catholic and as a writer, and I've developed a small following, whom I appreciate beyond measure. :) I have 42 beloved registered members of the blog, but I know that there are also others that read it regularly, and/or pop in from time to time, because I do see some traffic. It's modest, but I never thought I was going to become the Next Big Thing. :) If anybody out there is reading what I write (and I love to write) then I'm a happy Catholic Librarian.

But this blog's 5 year anniversary is coming up this fall. :0 How on earth did that happen? I suppose it's also how my son is now 7 and I have lots of lines around my eyes when I smile. The joys of nearing 40.

This has also been very much a "slice of life" blog, and that won't change. That was always how I saw this blog, and it's name reflects that. I write about my daily life, good things and bad. I write about my work life and my home life, my spiritual life and my private life. But I was thinking that maybe it's time to add something new in. One of the ideas I came up with recently was to feature a different Catholic devotion every so often. Maybe every 2 weeks? Very traditional devotions, but things that people may not know a lot about.

I was also thinking of reviewing more Catholic books, sort of a "book club" of sorts. When I ruminated the other day about picking up more intensive spiritual reading I started browsing over at the Kindle store for some Catholic classics. I made a quick realization: although there is certainly a ton of great stuff out there that I should still read, I do already *own* a LOT of Catholic books. I mean, a LOT. I am a librarian, after all. And yes, my print books are roughly shelved by category.

I don't have a ton of what I would call "classics" (although I do have a few), but I do have a lot of more contemporary Catholic non-fiction. I should READ it. And I will report back to you all on what I'm learning from them. That seems like a very Catholic Librarian-y thing to do.

So, I'll pick that back up next week. Does anybody have any suggestions for what you would like to see me write about? Please do leave a comment. :) I get so excited when I see new comments, you have no idea.


  1. I can understand your excitement. I am looking forward to seeing what you are reading. We have been diving into reading at our house partly as our practice of this year of faith and partly because we will be homeschooling using a classic curriculum this fall. I am learning SO much about my faith and having a lot of fun with it. I have been reading some history books written from a Cathoic perspective and it has been wonderful! Happy reading!

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for your input! It'll be very exciting to hear about your journey into homeschooling. :) I love when I get on a good reading kick - one of those times where you read 1 book, it leads to another on a related topic or by the same author, and on and on, it's just wonderful.

  3. You asked for a comment, and I am glad to supply one. It might be called Chesterton's fundamental definition of bloggs, except that he was married to a Blogg, so his own fundamental definition would have been quite different. Ahem. Anyway, here it is: "I am in favour of one man one house, one man one field; nay I have even advanced the paradox of one man one wife. But I am almost tempted to add the more ideal fancy of one man one magazine ... to say that every citizen ought to have a weekly paper of this sort to splash about in ... this kind of scrap book to keep him quiet.}[GKC, G.K.'s Weekly, April
    4, 1925, quoted in Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton 497]

    And if you are seeking Something Good To Read, I will unabashedly recommend GKC and Jaki and many other excellent titles, including those of the undersigned (see here for more details).


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