Thursday, June 27, 2013

Looking for some summer reading? In the queue for your Catholic Book Club!

"Honey, if you're dropping off some books today at the public library, would you mind picking up a hold for me?"

"Sure, Sweetie, just leave your card."

"Ok! You'll spot it easily on the Holds shelf. It's a nun biography."

*amused eyebrow arch by my adorable husband*

"How do you manage to find so many books about nuns?"

How, indeed, but that's what I'm here for, good reader! Your Catholic Librarian hard at work.

As an aside, Mike and I are *such* book nerds. Shortly after we were married, we carved out an evening together to walk down to our local branch of the public library and apply for library cards. As in, we excitedly put the errand on the calendar, sort of like a *date*, and looked forward to it all week. Once we had our cards in hand, we lounged around in the uncomfortable chairs with piles of books to look over, and we glowed the whole time. When we got home, we busted out the cocktails and read our books, side by side. This is what we're dealing with here, folks.

So I thought I would make a list of the spiritual reading I have lined up for the next few months, in case you're interested in following my Catholic Summer Reading Plan. I'll, of course, review each book as I go in a Catholic Book Club post. As I post reviews, please do write comments if you also read the book, or plan to. You can also chat with me on Twitter, I'm on during business hours when I'm at work (and I'm in the Eastern time zone :)).

The book Mike is picking up for me today:

The Ear of the Heart: An Actress' Journey From Hollywood to Holy Vows, by Mother Dolores Hart.

An actress who becomes a nun? Obviously that cannot go unread, gentle reader. This is a fairly new release, your local library may have it!

I am currently reading:

Geekpriest: Confessions of a New Media Pioneer, by Fr. Roderick Vonhogen.

This is available for pre-order only right now, I have a copy in my hot little hands because I am a book reviewer for Catholic Library World and they sent me an advance copy for review.

*blushes and feels special*

I am a huge fan of Fr. Roderick's podcasts, so I couldn't wait to start this one. Although I obviously cannot duplicate the lengthier review that I write for Catholic Library World here, I will definitely write a brief post on my reaction to it.

In the queue:

Redeemed: Stumbling Toward God, Sanity and the Peace that Passes All Understanding, by Heather King.

I received this for Christmas, and have been dying to read it. I do so love modern spiritual memoirs.

Paths to Prayer: A Field Guide to Ten Catholic Traditions, by Pat Fosarelli.

I ferreted this one out on my Kindle last night in my excitement over yesterday's post on third orders. Religious orders are just so interesting, no? This is a guide to 10 major orders in the Church, a little about their founder and charisms.


I downloaded the free sample, got all excited, and plan to download the entire book just as soon as I finish up a few that I already own. *halo*

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life, by Fr. James Martin, SJ.

This comes highly recommended by my sister, Shauna'h, who also bought me this copy for my birthday, and a glance through it has evidenced a very charming writing style. Looking forward to this one.

Shirt of Flame: A Year with Saint Therese of Lisieux, by Heather King.

I have to admit, I LOVE these types of books that chronicle the author following some sort of specific religious practice for a calendar year. I've read many of them. I've read the one where the author tried to live via all the Old Testament Jewish laws for a year, the one where the woman tried to live a year of "Biblical womanhood," a year in the life of a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, and so on and so forth. I don't see why a year of St. Therese should be any different, sign me up!

In Him Alone is Our Hope: The Church According to the Heart of Pope Francis

This is a personal retreat of sorts, based on then Cardinal Bergoglio's talks surrounding the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. I've had it on order from Magnificat for months, but they are way backordered. They promise that I am a valued subscriber and that it will be here soon. :)

 I'm certain that I will add to this list, but this is a start. Read along with me!


  1. I love Heather King's meditations in "Living Faith." I know I've read one of her books and I think it was REDEEMED. Good stuff.

  2. Those all sound like good books. I've been wanting to read Ear of the Heart because I've read good things about it but my local public library doesn't have it.

    I am looking forward to reading Fr. Roderick's book when it comes out.

    I have a copy of the Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everying and while good, it didn't grab me the way My Life with the Saints did.

  3. I am excited to hear your review of "Ear of the Heart".


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