Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes {Take 1}

-1- I've never done this before, so I thought I would try. :) 7 Quick Takes are always compiled on Fridays, so look for these posts on other Fridays to come!

-2- I've been struggling with anxiety lately (snort! this is a lifelong endeavor, to be sure) and so I did a little research on the Patron Saint of Nail Biters and/or People Who May or May Not Have Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. I found a great list here of saints us excessive worriers can plead to for intercession. A few that are on the list: St. Dymphna, St. Jude, St. Rita of Cascia, St. Padre Pio, St. Henry II, St. Juan Diego.

-3- Knit Picks is having a huge summer yarn sale and I'm not partaking. I want you to know that I think I should be canonized for this effort. They've got some beautiful wool on sale, and...WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS?!

-4- I have been knitting away lately. I'm working on a shawlette for myself out of the special edition colorway yarn I bought last summer dedicated to the London 2012 Games. It's a variegated colorway in the colors of the Olympic rings. I'm also attempting argyle socks for the first time (ambitious! pink and green, they're adorable, I just hope they fit) and I've been working on a summer top with a colorwork yoke in a garden-y theme.

-5- In spiritual reading, I plucked off of my bookshelf a book that my sister got me last year that I haven't read yet, which is The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life, by Fr. James Martin, SJ, and I'm stopping at the public library on my way home today to fetch My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir, by Colleen Carroll Campbell. I will report in on them, and how they're impacting my spiritual life, as I read.

-6- My kids are getting so big:

-7- Ok, the big news was saved for last, but you may have seen this if you follow me on Twitter. My library is allowing me to attend the Catholic New Media Conference this year, sponsored by SQPN, which is in Boston in October. I'M SO EXCITED I JUST ABOUT PEED MY PANTS WHEN I FOUND OUT. I normally hate attending conferences, but this is obviously different since it's of personal meaning to me. The bonus is that my sister lives not too far from Boston and is also attending. Girls night, here we come!! And we may meet SQPN's Fr. Roderick, THIS WILL BE EPIC!! Should Fr. Roderick come anywhere near our vicinity, we will demand a picture with him and I *will* post it to this blog. Couldn't you just die?! I am a *huge* fan of his. If anybody else is going, please let me know, because we can meet up!!

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  1. Oh, I do hope that you post more book reviews. I really enjoyed them. A devotional thing would be cool too. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


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