Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend hip drops and catechism lessons

I have dance class tonight, and it'll be nice to just focus on class content rather than an upcoming performance. I do love performing, but now that I'm so pregnant, it's also nice to have a break from that for a time. Based on my Facebook nosing around, it looks like we may be forced to improvise tonight, which as you know, makes me very nervous. :) My solution? I'm practicing improv. Yes, I'm that crazy. Granted, I'm not *choreographing* my improv. Since I genuinely want to improve as a dancer and performer, I do want to become more comfortable with improv. So, trying to control things too much would be totally pointless.

Yes, you should *perform* only what you're good at and comfortable with, but class/practice is for experimenting with new things and going outside your comfort zone. Sigh. Looks like I'm in for that tonight. I've been formulating a few informal combinations that I could use anywhere and putting music on randomly at home and forcing myself to dance. We'll see how it goes.

In other news , I'm on for Children's Liturgy of the Word again this weekend. I forgot to report in on my last foray there 2 weekends ago. It actually went fine. I prayed beforehand, and although the group was large and challenging, I think it went good. There's always just 1 or 2 younger children there (3-4 years old) that make it tough. There is one little boy that really gives me a run for my money, but what can I do? I just keep re-directing him, and I make sure to encourage him when he answers a question or makes a comment, to entice him to follow along more frequently. I just hate interrupting myself quite so frequently simply to get everyone to stay seated. I'm not trying to teach them the Summa or anything, we're just talking basic behavior stuff.

This Sunday is the Third Scrutiny, so my time with the kids will be a tad longer this week, like last time. I'll pray extra hard beforehand. :) Then I'm off duty until Divine Mercy Sunday, which will be my last contribution until the fall. I can't believe it!

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