Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking forward to Holy Week

Palm Sunday to Easter is one of my favorite weeks of the liturgical year. I just love the different liturgies, and the physical reminders all week long of the passion of our Lord.

As ever, I'm very contemplative this year as we approach the end of Lent. I finished my main spiritual reading for the season already, and I'd love to start more. However, I'm getting kind of close to "my time,"if you will, and so I've delved into the Hypnobirthing book that just came for me from Amazon Marketplace. I'm quite intrigued, I'll be reviewing that one on here, fyi. But anyway, my reading time is limited, so I'm in a quandry. After I finish Hypnobirthing, even if Lent is over, I think I'm just going to pick up another hardcore spiritual title. It'll do me good in the weeks leading up to my delivery.

This weekend, we're slated to begin painting the nursery. As well, we're taking Hank on an Easter egg hunt and to see the bunny. And of course, Palm Sunday Mass on Sunday morning. It'll be a busy one.

Baby CL has been busy as well. I'm feeling some cervical pressure (not painful, and aren't you glad I'm telling you all this personal information about my innards?) and TONS of Braxton Hicks contractions, as well as menstrual-like cramping. Again, none of this is painful nor causing bleeding of any kind, which of course would immediately warrant a call to my doctor. But wow is this different from my first pregnancy. I suppose I got occasional Braxton Hicks then, but absolutely nothing was going on until the day before I delivered. It's nice to know that things are progressing in the way that they should, but I definitely want Baby CL to stay *in* for at least another two and a half weeks, preferably another month. He or she needs that extra baking time!

In the mean time, I'm preparing as best I can both physically and spiritually. One day at a time.

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