Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is in the air...

Well, it's snowing here today, but let's ignore that small fact just for a moment. The other day, a small house sparrow flew by me with grass stuck in its little beak, and there is a pair of Canada geese honking at anyone that walks past their intended nest site nestled in a landscaping display right in the middle of campus. As well, American robins have made their way north again for the year, and their cheery red breasts make me tell them "you are so darn cute!!" every time I see one hopping through my yard.

Spring is here. All the animals are making nests, just like me. :) I kind of like that this birth is lining up with Mother Nature this time. It's a very sweet time to share with animals we may not relate to very often. Pretty soon, the females will all be sitting on their nests, awaiting the big day. Although not quite exactly the same, I have the same instincts coursing through my veins right now. The house is being prepared, and my body is preparing itself, as I wait in joyful hope. I'm getting lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, and I can feel the pressure of the baby's head really low. In less than 4 weeks Baby CL will be full term.

I'm SO ready. But on the other, I'm SO NOT ready. Know what I mean?

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