Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everybody is nesting these days

This morning, as I readied for work, I heard a bunch of commotion out of one of our bedroom windows. I'd been hearing a lot of cooing out there, but I didn't think too much of it. Some pigeons passing by, most likely.

Eventually, I noticed that the level of fluttering coming from that area could not possibly be from a fly by. I can't see fully out that window because there is a privacy panel on it, since the houses are so close together where we live. But there is a little space near the edge that I can peek through. So I peeked.

A mourning dove peeked back.

Mike had forgotten to lower the screen when he took our a/c units out last year, and two doves had taken up residence in the window, beginning a nest. I felt bad, but we had to shoo them out. We don't want to live *quite* that close to nature. Plus, the a/c unit will have to go back in there.

In terms of our nest, Mike is painting the nursery this weekend, and we have a very cute Berber carpet going in there next Tuesday. After that, we'll get the furniture all moved, and I can finally move the baby's "stuff" out of the closet and start arranging it in the room. I also have to wash all the little clothes. Perhaps next weekend. But I'm getting a bit freaked out - I only have a few weeks to go!

And it definitely feels it, physically. Overall, I still feel pretty darn good. But I'm nearly 37 weeks now, so the inevitable comes into play. My ankles and fingers swell very easily now, and sciatica is my constant companion. So is the bathroom, but that's a whole 'nother story.

The baby is a really good size now, and I'm feeling tons of pressure. My body is getting ready whether I'm ready or not!

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