Thursday, April 21, 2011

A blessed Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday dawns chilly here, as it has been all week. Lent is supposed to be chilly though, so I don't mind too much. :) My In Conversation with God from yesterday, Wednesday of Holy Week, was an excellent narrative on Jesus carrying the cross to Calvary.

"We are sad, living the Passion of Our Lord Jesus. See how lovingly He embraces the cross. Learn from him. Jesus carries the Cross for you; you carry it for him...But don't drag the Cross...Carry it squarely on your shoulder, because your Cross, if you carry it like that, will not just be any cross...It will be the Holy Cross..."

We've been very busy, getting ready for our trip this weekend, and we're all sick. Henry is nearly better, but Mike has a miserable cold right now. I feel bad for him, especially since school is winding down for him now and he has lots to get done. My cold is milder than his, but it's making me even more rundown that I would normally be at 35 and a half weeks pregnant, which isn't a good thing. But we're hanging in there.

Every night I have a list of chores to accomplish. Yesterday, I stopped off on my way home at Best Buy to fetch a car adapter for Hank's VTech VReader and portable DVD player, both indispensable items for a long car ride. I also blocked some gifts I knitted for Easter, and those are drying happily right now. Hank loves to help me block. I had lots of little items, so he manned the bathtub and soaked, rinsed and squeezed everything, while I arranged them properly in the next room and laid them out and shaped them carefully. Tonight, I'd like to wrap the gifts, and maybe clean the kitchen floor. It's tough, because I have the energy of a slug in the evenings these days. I'm SO, SO tired. But I love these tasks, because I'm excited about our trip. It's all good.

Tomorrow will be for packing, and there is lots I need to remember. I love Easter morning. Since Hank's birthday is in November (so close to Christmas that we really don't get him much except throwing a party) I always include a gift or two from the Easter bunny. He also has an insatiable sweet tooth, so the chocolate is always met with tremendous excitement. He's such a good little helper.

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